One of the famous pulao in Lahore. Check out Bannu Beef Pulao Model Town Menu. At this restaurant, you can get the best pulao ever. This place is famous for the best pulao they have a very unique taste of pulao that you will never find anywhere else in Lahore. If you are from Lahore must try their pulao and if not so when you are visiting Lahore you must visit this place and try their special pulao. If you want to check the prices then you can scrolling down the page we mention the complete information about this restaurant and also shared the menu card. Their prices are so reasonable everybody can easily afford it and this is a family restaurant so you can go there with your friends and family. They also offer takeaway and delivery options.

Bannu Beef Pulao Model Town Menu

Now have a look at the specialty and the menu card of this place. Now it’s all up to you guys to decide what you want to eat from here. The taste of the pulao is so unique just adding the meat of Beef. So scroll down and check the complete menu card along with the prices.

Bannu Beef Pulao:

They have a very limited menu that you can check below they have the best taste food ever. In the whole town once you tired their good you tell in love with their taste of food. The ingredients they are used are of the best quality which gives the taste of their pulps 10 times more yummy. They also have salad and raita which double up the of pulao. What are you waiting for guys to go there and enjoy your food?

Bannu Beef Pulao Menu

Special Khoya Kheer:

They also have their special khoya kheer on their menu. Their kheer is too yummy you must try their kheer they used a special recipe to make their kheer. And they used high-quality ingredients in this kheer which we eat after the pulao as a sweet dish.

Special Khoya Kheer

Contact Number:

If you want to order you’re good from Bannu Beef Pulao Model Town then we mention their complete contact number below.



If you want to go to The Bannu Beef Pulao by physical appearance so here we mention the complete address, just scroll down and check the complete address.

Bannu Beef Pulao Q Block Commercial Area Model Town, Lahore, Punjab.


Goga Naqeebia Model Town Menu

Here we also mention the location of this restaurant so if you find any difficulty by seeing the address then you can find the Bannu beef pulao with the help of this location.

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