A complete list of 9 Dishes You Must Try In Lahore. Most visitors visit Lahore just to eat the food of this place. But no one knows what are the famous dishes of this beautiful city. Now we mention here all the popular dishes that will bless your taste. No matter what you want to eat either the desi food or the Fast food, we have shared all kinds of famous food. If you never ever tried these food items yet then what are you waiting for. Take your companions with you and go for the food. As we all know that Lahore is famous for its architectural buildings and commonly for the delicious food. Around the globe, there is no other best place that has this kind of tasty food items. Scroll down and check what food items you can eat whenever you visit Lahore.

9 Dishes You Must Try In Lahore

Let’s have a look at the list that is provided for you guys. The inspirational and loved taste is added to the food items. So it doesn’t matter either you are from Lahore or not, you just have to eat these food items. if you haven’t eaten the food yet then you are not a true foodie.

  1. Phajja Siri Paye:

One of the famous eatery for desi food lovers and the Lahori. This is the place having the best Paye and Siri in town. The special items of this restaurant are the desi items that are usually loved by everyone. Mostly on Sunday morning, people visit this place to eat Paya and the Maghaz. Now the choice is yours make a plan to do breakfast here or can eat the food at noon. Just check the Phajja Siri Paye offering.

Phajja Siri Paye Specialty

  1. Kozi Haleem:

Kozi Haleem Lahore is the other best Haleem item that is loved by other people. Not only in Lahore but also all across Pakistan Haleem is the most loved item. Special Chicken and Beef Haleem which is served with special rogani naan. There is no better option to order Lassi with this delicious food. That will double up the taste of the Haleem. So, if you are planning for Haleem you can find the Kozi Haleem the best at a very economical rate. Just check the details of Kozi Haleem Lahore from here.

Kozi Haleem Lahore Secretariat

  1. Waqas Biryani:

People have different ideas related to Biryani and Pulao. So we can clearly say that most of the people say it’s pulao, not biryani. But this is the most loved dish in Lahore. The taste is very unique and you will never find this type of taste anywhere else in Lahore. The quantity of their biryani is also very enough that a full plate is enough for two persons with normal hunger. So, if you are planning to eat this then just keep in mind that this place remains crowded every time and you need to struggle for getting a single plate of biryani. Click on the link that has the address and the contact number of Waqas Biryani.

Waqas Biryani Hall Road Lahore Specialty

  1. Butt Karahi:

Butt Karahi is the place for all the desi food lovers. So that is why we have uploaded this dish that you guys must have to try. As you can guess from the name that karahi is famous for its unique taste that they made from a special desi chicken. Other cities also have the branches of Butt Karahi but the taste of Lahore is unique and the most loved item. You are not true Lahori with you not eat this Karahi yet.

Butt Karahi

  1. Feeka Lassi:

Everyone loves to have Lassi in the summers. So if you are also a true lassi lover then you must try Pheka Lassi. Because the taste and the quantity are enough to fulfill your thirst. Some of you will say that it is much heavy that a single person can’t drink it easily. But if you are a foodie person then you must taste the lassi.

Feeka Lassi

  1. Googa Chaney:

Lahories love to have Chaney in their breakfast and when it comes to Chaney, the special Goga Chaney is at top of the list. Those who want to check Goga Chaney details can check from this website. Goga is one of the favorite places of Lahories for lunch and brunch. Its special Chickpea is not only famous in Lahore but also all across the country. So add this food item to your list.

Goga Naqeebia Model Town Pictures 1

  1. Chullu Roast:

Again another item of Biryani is here. no matter they are offering Biryani or Pulao the only that does matter is taste. Taste the roast in a new way. Must visit Lahore to have this taste. Also, ask for the Special masala, use the Masala to increase the taste of the roast and even the rice. Have a look at the address and the menu details of Chullu Roast from here.

Chulu Roast Barkat Market Menu

  1. Ilyas Dumba Karahi:

If you got bored to eat Chicken, beef, or even mutton Karahi. Then you can try the best Ilyas Dumba Karahi. A unique kind of method is used to make this special Dumba Karahi. Then you will surely love the taste of this food item. This is one of the 9 Dishes You Must Try In Lahore. Want to know about Ilyas Dumba Karahi then just click here.

ilyas dumba karahi

  1. Bun Plaster:

A bun plaster is a type of Hamburger in which they only use butter, egg, and Shami. But the taste of the butter and the shami is so unique that if you once eat it you will become a fan of this food. So must eat this bun plaster if you want to eat the best food in Lahore. Just click here to know from where you will get Bun Plaster.

Cafe Hameed Tea And Bun Plaster Menu

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A complete list of 9 Dishes You Must Try In Lahore is given here. go and check the details from our website. So guys whenever you visit Lahore these are the top best food items that you must try. There are many other items also but the top is listed here. For more restaurants, you can search in the search bar of this website or simply can browse the main page.

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