People who are interested to eat Best Biryani in Lahore can check the complete list from here and can visit their nearest one. Lahore is the hub of foodies and food lovers and that is the main reason there are more restaurants and café than any other city in Pakistan. As there is a huge competition between restaurants so, every restaurant wants to provide the best food at economical prices so that they can win in this race. If we talk about biryani then, you can find biryani points on every next corner in this city. But if you are interested to eat authentic biryani then, you can check the list of best biryani sellers in this city from this website.

Best Biryani in Lahore

Biryani is one of the most loved dishes in Pakistan. No matter you are a boy or girl, young or old, when it comes to biryani you will never say no to the biryani. In Lahore, there are so many biryani sellers but only few of them are selling the best bryani. So, check the below side and get to know about the best biryani point in this city.

Top 5 Biryani in Lahore:

As per the customer’s review, we are sharing the top 5 biryani in Lahore. The below-given list is prepared on the basis of the small survey from Lahore. We have chosen a random sample of 80 people and asked them about the best biryani to eat from this city and the results are as follows.

Waqas Biryani Hall Road:

Although, Waqas Biryani Lahore is chicken pulao still people love to eat it. When we conducted our survey, people voted for Waqas biryani as the best biryani to try from this city. Before visiting to this place, you must have to make your mind that Waqas Biryani is Pulao and you are going to eat Pulao. On the other side, if you are interested in authentic biryani then, this is not your place to visit.

Waqas Biryani Hall Road Lahore Specialty

Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani:

Like Waqas Biryani, Dhaka Baiya Biryani is also one of the most famous biryani in Lahore. But the main difference between these two is that they are offering authentic biryani. So, if you want to eat authentic biryani then, you can visit this place. Apart from biryani, they have a variety of pulao for their customers too.

Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani Garhi Shahu

Karachi Biryani:

The third best biryani in Lahore is Karachi Biryani Barkat Market Lahore. There is so many fake Karachi biryani in Lahore but the authentic one is situated in Barkat Market. This place is offering authentic biryani with a variety of spices. So, if you want to eat normal or spicy then, you can visit this place in Lahore.

Karachi Biryani Barkat Market

Biryani Master:

This is one of the most underrated biryanis in Lahore. The Biryani Master Johar town Lahore has a variety of biryani including chicken biryani, Tikka biryani, and much more. You can visit this place and can test their biryani and you will never regret it. Their special chefs make a perfect biryani which is according to the taste of Lahories.

Biryani Master Johar Town

Biryani Express:

Biryani lovers can visit Biryani Express Johar town Lahore in order to try one of the yummiest biryani. This place can make authentic biryani as per its original recipe from Hindustan. So, if you are interested to visit this place then, you can check its complete address and number for home delivery from this website.

Biryani Express Johar Town

This is the complete details of the Five Best Biryani in Lahore that you must have to try. There are also many other famous biryani sellers in this city but these five are ranked as the best biryani as per customers’ opinion. If you want to share your opinion about these places then, you are welcome to share through comments.

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