Lahore is the city of foodies and food lovers. No city can beat Lahore when it comes to dining out. People love to visit such restaurants which offer buffets to their customers. Today we have decided to share the Best Buffet In Lahore where you can visit with your family or friends to enjoy tasty food. Before finalizing any restaurant for buffet, you need to check its cuisine because if you want to eat Chinese but booking your seat in LalQilla then you will never find the best Chinese because LalQilla specializes in desi or Pakistani food. That is the reason, you need to check the list of restaurants which are offering the best lunch or dinner buffet.

Best Buffet In Lahore

Lahore is famous for two reasons, including its heritage and its food. People from other cities visit this place to try its special food. Lahorie always tries to provide the best quality food with a finger-licking taste.  If we talk about buffets then you can find every type of buffet either it’s Chinese, Pakistani, Italian, etc. You can check the list of places which is offering a buffet in Lahore.

Dinner Buffet in Lahore:

There are different restaurants in Lahore that are offering dinner buffets Lahore at very economical prices. Some restaurants focus on providing more dishes while other focus on providing the cheapest buffet in Lahore. So, you can check the list of restaurants that are offering the best dinner buffet in Lahore.

Desi Buffet in Lahore:

Under Desi Buffet in the Lahore section, we will share only desi and Pakistan restaurants that are offering buffets in Lahore. So, you can check the list of restaurants that are offering dinner buffets to their customers in Lahore.

Ziafat Lahore:

When we talk about buffets the first name that comes to our mind is Ziafat Restaurant Lahore. This is one of the oldest restaurants that are considering the pioneers of buffets in Lahore. They are offering a wide range of dishes at very reasonable prices. You can check the Ziafat Restaurant Buffet Menu from here and can decide to visit this place.

Ziafat Restaurant Deals

Monal Restaurant:

The Monal Restaurant Lahore is also offering a dinner buffet to its customers in Lahore. You can book your table and can visit this place for a fine dining experience. They offer a variety of food including Pakistani, Chinese, desi, and much more. Check all the details of the Monal Lahore Dinner buffet from the below side.

Chandni Chowk Lahore:

The Chandni chowk Lahore is offering more than 70 dishes in their dinner buffet. They have also introduced buffet thali that you can order from your home and can get home delivery service to your doorsteps. Other details of its dinner buffet and price are given in the below-given picture.

Chandni Chowk Lahore Lunch Buffet Menu Price

LalQila Restaurant:

Lalqila restaurant also stands on the list of Best Buffet In Lahore where you can bring your families for true desi food. They have two different slots for the buffet that you can book at your convenience. The complete details of its dishes and prices are given here. You can also check Lalqila Lahore Menu from here too.

Lalqila Karachi

Salt N Pepper Village:

You can guess from its name that what kind of food you will get from this restaurant. The Salt n Pepper Village is a theme-based restaurant which is offering a village environment to its customers. Furthermore, people love to visit this place because it is offering one of the Best Buffet In Lahore. You can check its buffet menu from here.

BBQ Tonight:

The BBQ Tonight is a well-renowned restaurant in Pakistan. After the huge success of BBQ Tonight in Karachi, this place also opened its branches in other cities including Pakistan. You can also visit this place if you are looking for a family gathering at a dinner buffet in Lahore.

Spice Bazaar:

The Spice Bazaar Lahore is famous for its hi-tea and dinner buffet. They are not only offering dishes but offering tasty dishes with a variety of food. Furthermore, their taste makes it distinguish from other buffet places near this place in Lahore. We have shared the Spice bazaar Lahore Buffet Menu with prices that you can check by opening the below picture.

Spice Bazaar Hi-Tea

Nadeem Tikka:

You can also visit Nadeem Tikka Lahore for lunch or a dinner buffet. This place is offering a dinner buffet in which they are offering a variety of BBQ, Pakistani dishes like Qorma, Chinese, Italian, and desserts. They also have Gol Gappa and ice cream in their dinner buffet menu too. So, if you are now interested to visit this place then check its complete dinner buffet menu from the below side.

Nadeem Tikka Iftar Buffet

Dera Restaurant:

The Dera Restaurant is a true Pakistani restaurant that is not only offering desi food but also offering desi environment to its customers too. So, if you want to experience rural life and tasty food then this place is an ideal place for you. You can check its dinner buffet menu from the below side.

Chinese Buffet in Lahore:

In Lahore, there are a large number of Chinese restaurants because Lahori love to eat Chinese. There are also some restaurants that are offering buffets to their customers in Lahore. So, if you are interested in Chinese buffets then you can check the list of restaurants offering Chinese buffets in Lahore.

Changsho Restaurant:

The Changsho restaurant is a Chinese restaurant which is not only offering true Chinese food but also offering a buffet too. So, if you are interested in a Chinese buffet then this place is just waiting for you. Just start your car and head towards MM Alam Road Lahore. The menu of its buffet is as follows.

Mei Kong:

If you are a Chinese love then it is impossible that you haven’t tried Chinese from Mei Kong. The Mei Kong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Lahore which is offering authentic Chinese to its customers. This place is also offering Chinese dinner buffet and here is the details of this place.

Yum Chinese & Thai:

The Yum Chinese & Thai restaurant is located on Sir Syed Road Lahore. This place has also introduced a buffet for its customers who want to dine in with their loved ones. So, if you are interested in its buffet then check its details.

East Chinese and Thai:

The East Chinese and Thai is one of the favorite places for Chinese lovers. This place is not only offering Chinese but also offering Thai food too. We have also shared a complete East Chinese and Thai Menu that you can also check before visiting this place.

P.F. Chang’s:

If you are near MM Alam Road Lahore and looking for a Chinese restaurant then you can visit P.F.Chang’s. This place has a variety of Chinese and thai food that you can check from P.F. Changs Menu. We are also sharing its menu for the dinner buffet which is as follows.

Continental Buffet in Lahore:

There are different continental restaurants in Lahore which is also offering hi-tea and buffets to its customers.

La Atrium:

The La Atrium Lahore offers different cuisines including Asian, BBQ, Chinese, Continental, Pakistani, Indian, and Sea Food. This place also offers a lunch and dinner buffet in Lahore and offers more than 50 dishes in its dinner buffet. We are sharing the La Atrium Lahore’s menu too, so that, you can check the prices of its dishes if you are not interested in a dinner buffet.

Café Aylanto:

Café Aylanto Lahore is one of the most romantic places in Lahore. People love to visit this place due to its ambiance and taste. They have recently introduced a buffet to its customers. So, if you are interested in the Café Aylanto buffet then you can check from here. We are also sharing Café Aylanto Menu for our beloved readers.

The Skye Rooftop:

The Skye Rooftop is the highest rooftop of Lahore which is located in Indigo heights Hotel Lahore. This place is offering both the hi-tea and buffet. So, if you want to enjoy the weather while eating tasty food then head toward this restaurant.

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