No one can make tasty Dumba karahi than Afghani people. That is the reason that Afghani Dumba karahi is famous in all over the world. You can also enjoy this special dish in Lahore too. When it comes to Best Dumba Karahi In Lahore, then the best place to enjoy Dumba Karahi is Truck Adda Lahore. But not every person has access to Truck Adda because it is very far. So, most of the restaurants have opened their branches in other areas like Johar town, DHA, Wapda town, etc. We have prepared the list of top restaurants for Dumba Karahi. So, if you are also searching for the best Karahi then you need to check the below list.

Best Dumba Karahi In Lahore

Dumba Karahi is one of the most favorite dishes of Pakistani. No matter you are a Sindhi, Balochi, Afghani, or Punjabi, when it comes to Karahi, the first choice would be Dumba karahi. Every restaurant has its own secrets that make their Karahi one of the best Karahi in Pakistan. On the below side we will discuss the places from where you can get the best Karahi in Lahore.

Famous Dumba Karahi In Lahore:

So, if you are looking for the list of famous dumba Karahi in Lahore then you need to check the below side. On the below side, we have shared the best restaurants for this dish. From one to ten you can check the top 10 Dumba karahi in Lahore.

  1. Ilyas Dumba Karahi
  2. Ghani Shinwari
  3. Charsi Tikka Faisal Town
  4. Saeed Shinwari
  5. Nisar Charsi
  6. Jamshed Dumba Karahi
  7. Noshak

Ilyas Dumba Karahi:

The best Karahi in Lahore can only be found from truck Adda Lahore. When we are talking about the Truck adda then you need to know that no one can beat Ilyas Dumba Karahi in taste. But most of the time people don’t visit the real branch and which make them disappointed from the taste. There are different fake branches including the main road branch on Truck Adda. So, if you want to check real Ilyas Dumba Karahi then here is the detail of this place.

Ilyas Dumba Karahi Truck Adda Photos

Ghani Shinwari:

When you are in Truck Adda Lahore then you can also visit Ghani Shinwari Lahore. This place is also serving one of the Best Dumba Karahi in Lahore city. You can give a try to this place and you will never get disappointed in this place. If you want to check Ghani Shinwari Lahore Menu then you can check from this website.

Ghani Shinwari Truck Adda Pictures 5

Charsi Tikka Faisal Town:

As I already mentioned that no one can cook better Shinwari or Dumba karahi than a Pathan. That is the main reason that people love to visit Peshawar for special karahi. But now there is no need to go anywhere because you can visit Charsi Tikka Faisal town to try authentic Afghani style Dumba Karahi. This place is located near Akbar chowk and has both good taste and good ambiance.

Charsi Tikka Johar Town Photos

Saeed Shinwari:

The third best place to enjoy Lamb Karahi in Lahore is Saeed Shinwari Dumba karahi and Tikka. This place is also serving the finger-licking taste that you will never forget. So, if you want to check Saeed Shinwari Lahore Menu then you need to check it from this website.

Saeed Shinwari Lahore Platter

Nisar Charsi Johar Town:

Nisar Charsi is also one of the famous eateries of Peshawar. After the huge success in Peshawar, they opened its second branch in Lahore near Shokat Khanam Hospital. This place is famous for its whole lamb but still, you can try their special Dumba Karahi. So, if you are interested to check Nisar Charsi Lahore Menu then you can find its details from here.

Nisar Charsi Tikka Lahore Deals 4

Jamshed Dumba Karahi Gulberg:

If you don’t want to go to Truck Adda then you can visit Jamshed Dumba Karahi Gulberg to try one of the best Dumba Karahies in Lahore. From this place, you can get Shinwari and Sulemani Karahi. So, either you are looking for Shinwari or Sulemani Karahi in Gulberg then you can visit this place.

Jamshaid Dumba photos

Noshak DHA Lahore:

If you are from DHA Lahore then you need to visit Noshak DHA Lahore to try their special Dumba Karahi. Now there is no need to go anywhere else if you can get one of the best lamb Karahi in DHA Lahore. For its complete details, you can simply search for Noshak DHA Lahore on this website.


This is the list of Best Dumba Karahi In Lahore. So, if you want to get their price detail then you can manually search for each restaurant on this website. For other places, you can visit the main page of this website.

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