Everybody wants to eat the best Iftar in the month of Ramadan even on Sehri or Iftar. So from here, you will come to know about Best Iftar Buffet In Islamabad. When it comes to the best Iftar deals or even the buffet then Islamabad has a lot of restaurants offering these deals at any time. But not every person has an idea about the exact location of the restaurants from where you will find the best buffet. So here we will discuss the details of the best restaurants on the below side. Explore the other details from here and get a chance to make your Sehri Iftari Bless full. Scroll down and then check the details from here.

Best Iftar Buffet In Islamabad

As you know in Islamabad, there are different restaurants which are offering Sehri and Iftar buffet to their customers. If you are interested to visit a worthy place then check the below-given list and visit any of the below-given places.

  • 1969 restaurant Iftar Buffet in 3669+Tax
  • Tahir Khan Restaurant Iftar Buffet in 2999+tax
  • La Montana Buffet in 2800+tax
  • Shandez Restaurant Iftar Buffet in 2499 +tax
  • Chilman Restaurant Iftar buffet in 2475+tax
  • Havana Terrace Iftar Buffet in 2295+tax
  • Pappasalis Iftar buffet in 2500+tax
  • Bar B Q TOnight Iftar Buffet in 2000+tax
  • Atrio Cafe and Grill Iftar Buffet in 895+tax

 1969 Restaurant Islamabad:

The 1969 restaurant is Islamabad’s new identity, which has increased the level of tourism. An experience in fine dining that everyone can afford with the best ambiance. A must-visit for all those living and visiting Islamabad. Want to do some Iftar buffet in Islamabad then 1969 Iftar Buffet is considered the top best Iftar buffet restaurant.

1969 Iftar Buffet

Tahir Khan Restaurant:

Indulge in a fine feast of flavors with TKR’s Pakistani & Afghani Iftar Dinner Buffet. From traditional BBQ and Kabuli Pulao to Whole Lamb, They’ve got a variety of entrees from different cuisines to satisfy your cravings. You can check Tahir Khan Restaurant Ramadan Deals to avail of discounts on Sehri and Iftar.
Tahir Khan Restaurant Iftar Buffet

La Montana Islamabad:

La Montana is a famous eatery of Islamabad that is offering a special Iftar cum dinner buffet. They are offering two different types of Iftar cum dinner buffet to their customers. All of you can just enjoy the Iftar at this lovely place at very reasonable prices. For more details of La Montana Sehri and Iftar Buffet, you can check the below side.

La Montana Special Iftar Buffet 2023

Shandez Restaurant:

Another worth visiting place for Iftar in Islamabad is Shandez Restaurant Islamabad. This place is now offering a special Iftar cum dinner buffet in just Rs 2499 plus tax. so, what are you waiting for? check Shandez Restaurant Ramadan deals and avail sehri and Iftar buffets.

Shandez Restaurant Iftar Buffet


Chilman Restaurant:

Chilman Restaurant, a premier provider of taste, offers the best quality & top cultural food items in Islamabad, Pakistan. This Ramadan throws a party for your taste buds at Chilman Restaurant. Plan your iftars with this restaurant and let them make it memorable with excellent services and an affair to an amazing Iftar party. We are also sharing Chilman restaurant Ramadan Deals for our beloved readers.

Chilman Iftar Buffet 2023

Bar. B.Q Tonight Iftar Buffet:

So, are you excited to try Bar. B.Q Tonight Iftar Buffet? If yes, then let me tell you that they are offering an iftar cum dinner buffet. You can book your table and can visit this place for iftar because their Iftar buffet timings are from iftar to 9 pm. If we talk about its prices or more details then you can check Bar. B.Q Tonight Iftar Buffet from here.

Bar.B.Q Tonight Iftar Buffet

Havana Terrace:

Experience the most exciting moments at Havana Terrace Islamabad. Eat as much as you can in just Rs.2295/- plus Tax this Ramadan to rejoice your iftars with the restaurant. Iftar platter has Assorted pakoras, Samosas, Spring rolls, Dates, Dahi Barry, Fruit chaat. And in the main course, you will get unlimited chicken and beef items. See the details of Havana Terrace Iftar Buffet from here.

Havana Terraces Iftar Buffet 2023

Pappasallis Restaurant:

Pappasallis Iftar buffet menu is here. After a full day of fasting, a multi-cuisine menu will be waiting for you at Pappasallis. Every item on the menu will be cooked up to perfection keeping your cravings in mind. So just have a look on the below side and get the menu card.


Pappasallis Iftar Buffet 2023

Black Rock Café & Restaurant:

Enjoy our Special Iftar Platter for this Ramadan at Black Rock Cafe. On a single plate, you will get all the desired items from here. Just check the Black Rock Café details from here.

Black Rock CAfe

The Smokey Cauldron:

This is a quaint corner cafe that claims to be anybody’s little enchanted corner. Head over to The Smokey Cauldron for a good time out. Rooftop sitting is available. Now they are delivering all over Islamabad. The Iftar platter of Smokey Cauldron has all the essentials to restore your health and magic.

Best Iftar buffet smokey cauldron

Atrio Café and Grill:

Do you know that Atrio Café and grill has also introduced a special Iftar buffet for its customers in Islamabad? You can visit this place for an iftar cum dinner buffet for just RS 1995+tax. So, check their complete Iftar menu and book your table today.


Atrio Cafe and Grill Iftar buffet

Which Is The Best Iftar Buffet in Islamabad?

If you are looking for the answer that which is the best iftar buffet in Islamabad? Then you need to know that every restaurant mentioned in the above list is best. Every restaurant has its own specialty that you can check by opening its menu. Depending on your taste, you can visit any of the above restaurants with friends and family for a special Iftar buffet.

This is the list of Best Iftar Buffet In Islamabad. If you know any other best place and want to share with other foodies then simply do comment down. We will surely update this list as soon as possible.

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