Those who are searching for the Best Lunch Buffet In Islamabad can take a look at the total details from here. In Islamabad, you will see many cafés which are offering buffets for the customers. And the customers just love to visit such places which deal buffets. Since it is the most effective way to invest quality energy with family or companions. We have chosen to set up a list of cafés that are offering buffets in Islamabad and share different information like contact numbers and addresses. For additional details see the below side.

Best Lunch Buffet In Islamabad

From here you can find restaurants that are offering a hi-tea come lunch buffet. You will get confused while choosing a perfect place but we are helping you to find the best buffet details in Islamabad. So, check the below-given list and find your nearby place.

Lunch Buffet In Islamabad 2022:

The best way of getting tasty food and spending quality time is by booking a Lunch buffet. We have shared the best buffet restaurants in Islamabad where you can bring your loved ones, especially your family or friends. So, have a look at the below-given list and decide where to go for the Lunch buffet.

Mindanao’s Islamabad:

Mindanao has been founded for the evolved trend of fusion we are experiencing in our everyday life. Fusion in music, fusion in fashion and style, and you name it.  Try a variety of different flavors under one roof with our Hi-Tea Buffet for 1199/- plus tax. Served every day in two slots. In Slot 1: 3:00PM-4:45PM and in Slot 2: 5:15PM-7:00PM. For details and bookings please see the details of Mindanos Café.

Mindanos Islamabad Hi Tea

Khiva Restaurant:

KHIVA invites you all to the 1st Central Asian, Fine Dining Restaurant of Pakistan. The only Cuisine of its kind in Pakistan. Be the 1st to enjoy a Unique & Ultimate Culinary Experience. From here you can taste different kinds of cuisines at the same time. For Bookings, Reservations any Questions, or Further Information Call or Message them on WhatsApp or see the details from Khiva Restaurant.

Khiva Restaurant Lunch Buffet

Marriot Islamabad:

Lunch buffets at the Islamabad Marriott, offering a diverse selection of culinary delight. You can taste the variety of dishes only in PKR 3050+tax. Lunch hour is the best hour of the day, so visit this place with your friends and then have a tasty lunch. Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm.


Monal Islamabad:

Indulge in a fine feast of flavors with Monal Islamabad Pakistani & Continental Iftar Dinner Buffet menu. From traditional BBQ and Kabuli Pulao to Chinese Manchurian and Chow mein, They have got a variety of entrees from different cuisines to satisfy your cravings. Available from Monday to Friday.

Monal buffet

Chilman Restaurant:

Chilman Restaurant, a premier provider of taste, offers the best quality & top cultural food items in Islamabad, Pakistan. They prepare delicious food to keep you coming back for more. Go and grab a bite at Chilman. They Garnished food with some love. So visit this restaurant for the lunch buffet.

Chilman Buffet

Petit Brugge Restaurant:

If you guys want to check the Hi tea Menu Card of Petit Brugge then please go down. You like the best food with a good presentation then you must try this restaurant because they have the best food ever. They have a lot of dishes at a very reasonable price. So don’t waste your time and scroll down.

Hi-tea Menu Card of Petit Brugge

Best Namkeen Karahi In Islamabad

Here you will find the complete details of the Best Lunch Buffet In Islamabad. If we haven’t mentioned your favorite restaurant then suggest it in the comment section. We will surely update the information for you guys.

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