Nankhatai is shortbread biscuits that are originating from the Indian subcontinent. Not only in India they are also popular in Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. But here we will describe Best Nankhatai In Lahore. The word Nankhatai is derived from the Persian word means bread and biscuit. But this Nankhtai is eaten along with the tea or can be taken as raw. So for the best bakers of Nankhtai, you have to see the below side.

Best Nankhatai In Lahore

There are a few bakeries that bake Nankhatai In Lahore. But from them, a few just make it in a better way. Want to know the places from where you can get the best Nankhtai? Then you can see the below side. We have tried to share the best khatai for all of you guys.

Nankhatai In Lahore:

Yes, we are talking about the Nankhatai bakers in Lahore. And there is only one bakery that just makes the world’s best shortbread biscuits. And the further details of this Nankhatai are shared on the below side.

Khalifa Bakers Nankhatai:

Khalifa bakers are known for the best almond Nankhatai, Cake Rusk, and Much More. You can Call for home delivery in Lahore and all over Pakistan. Now for further details about Khalifa Bakers you need to see the below side. Rates are also mentioned here. See the images of some tempting Nankhtai and then visit this place to have them.

Khalifa Bakers Lahore

Best Chai In Lahore

If you want to know the details of Best Nankhatai In Lahore. Then this is the best place for you guys. As the weather demands you can have tea and as well the snacks. And there is no better snack than Nankhtai. Share your reviews with us if you have the tasty Khatai. Now you can also suggest to us about the other places that have the Nankhtai for the customers.

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