Karachi is the city of foodies and that is the reason that you can find every type of food from this city. Like other food, they also love to eat Pizza and it is one of the top-selling dishes in Karachi. Today we are going to share the list of restaurants that are offering the Best Pizza in Karachi. You can visit any of these restaurants and you will be satisfied with the taste of their pizza. We have mentioned local and international pizza providers in this list because we know sometimes local restaurants can provide better pizza than international restaurants. So, check the below-given list and find a perfect pizza from your favorite restaurant.

Best Pizza in Karachi

Pizza is basically an Italian dish which is originated in Naples Italy. Pizza is basically a round leavened bread topped with different ingredients including tomatoes, cheese, sauces, and much more. This dish is also popular in Pakistan and almost every fast food point is offering this Italian dish. Some people like to eat its original flavors while other love to eat Pakistani flavors including Tikka, Malai Boti, etc. So, if you are looking for a perfect pizza place in Karachi then you can check the below-given list.

Best Pizza Places in Karachi:

It is very common to find Pizza at every fast food point in Karachi but it is very difficult to find a perfect pizza. People love to visit such places that have the yummiest Pizza in Karachi. So, check the below list and decide from where you will eat your favorite pizza.

Penny Pizza:

The Penny Pizza is a local restaurant which is offering the best pizza in town. Currently, this place is open for takeaways, so, if you want to try the yummiest pizza at an economical price then visit this place. We are also sharing the complete Penny Pizza Karachi Menu so that you can check the prices of their special pizzas.

Penny Pizza PSL deals 2

Pay Say Pizza:

Another local place that is offering the yummiest pizza in Karachi is Pay Say pizza. This place is offering deep dish, flatbread, and many other types of pizza. You can also try their special stuffed dough pizza with your favorite flavors. So, check Pay Say Pizza Menu and visit this place for the tastier pizza.

Pay Say Pizza Karachi

Pizza Max:

In Karachi, when you ask someone about the best pizza, they always say it’s Pizza Max’s pizza. You can also visit this place and can try their range of special pizzas. Those who are visiting for the first time or want to order from home can check its details like Pizza Max Karachi Menu from this website.

pizza max specialty

Domino’s Pizza:

Never eat simple pizza when you can afford Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is offering the yummiest pizza to its customers at very reasonable prices. This place has also introduced different deals for their customers so that their customers can save their money by ordering their special deals.

Dominos Yaari deal

California Pizza:

The California Pizza is also one of the best options for finger-licking pizza. You can check the complete California Pizza Menu from here and can decide which flavor is best according to your taste.

California Pizza

Broadway Pizza:

Broadway Pizza is not only standing in the list of top pizza sellers in Karachi but also stands in the list of best restaurants in town. This place always tries to provide the best pizza to its customers. They also have different shapes like star shape, single slice, and half pizza. You can order Broadway Pizza Karachi as per your taste.

Broadway Pizza MM Alam Road

Pizza One:

The Pizza one is also standing in the list of top 10 pizza places in the city of lights. This place has earned its name by providing the yummiest pizza at economical prices. So, if you are looking for an economical place and do not want to compromise on taste then visit Pizza One Karachi.

Pizza One

These places are offering the Best Pizza in Karachi at very reasonable prices. If you know any other place and you think that those places must be on this list then do comment. We will surely update this list as soon as possible. For more restaurants and famous foods in Karachi, you can visit the main page of this website.

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