People who are looking for the best pizza in Peshawar can check the list of the best places that are offering the yummiest pizza. Pizza is an Italian dish but it is as famous in Pakistan as it is famous in any other country. People love to eat pizza because it is one of the tastiest meals to eat during lunch, dinner, or even during snack time. In this city, you can find pizza places because different companies have opened their branches in this city. The purpose of writing this article is to let our readers know about the best places for pizza. You can check the below side and decide where to go for the yummiest pizza.

Best Pizza in Peshawar

When it comes to the best fast food, people always prefer pizza. In Peshawar, there are several places that are offering pizzas. We are sharing the list of places where you can get the yummiest pizzas in Peshawar. So, let’s have a look on the below list and find a perfect place for family or friends gatherings.

Best Pizza Places in Peshawar:

Those who are looking for the best pizza places in Peshawar can check the list of restaurants that are offering the best pizzas. Some of these restaurants are offering authentic Italian pizzas while others have molded the recipe as per the taste of local natives. You can check the below list and visit any of them for the yummiest pizza.

Melting Spot Peshawar:

In Peshawar, people love to eat Afghani or local food but still, there are some foodies who love to eat fast food. Melting Spot Peshawar is offering the yummiest pizza at very reasonable prices. This famous place is located at Nasir bagh road and delivers pizza in different nearby areas. You can also order pizza from this place and can get free home delivery.

Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty 3

Dehleez Food Gulberg:

Some people love to eat thin crust pizza while some love to eat the deep dish. Dehleez food Gulberg Peshawar is famous for offering deep-dish pizza. You can check the complete menu of this place if you really want to eat the yummiest pizza in Peshawar city.

dehleez food

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut is an international pizza chain famous for offering the yummiest pizzas all across the world. They have also opened branches in Peshawar because they know the foodies of Peshawar love to eat pizza. You can also visit any nearest Pizza Hut Peshawar branch for a range of authentic Italian pizzas.

Pizza hut Supper Train


Domino’s is also an international pizza seller that has its branches in Pakistan including Peshawar. You can visit Domino’s and can satisfy your pizza craving with their pizza. This place is also offering different deals and discounts to their customers that you can avail of by visiting their branch or by ordering on phone.

Dominos Lahore

Salman Pizza and Café:

When it comes to the best pizza places, you can always visit Salman café. They are offering different authentic flavors of pizza that you will surely love to eat. For more details of this eatery, you can visit the main page of Salman Pizza and Café.

salman pizza

Tasteway Pizza Peshawar

Those who are looking for Best Pizza in Peshawar can visit any of these places. These places are offering an authentic and delicious range of pizzas. For more restaurants and their menus, you can check the main page of this website.

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