Hey guys we are back with Melting Spot Peshawar Menu. This Melting Spot is the pioneer of Super-sized 21 inch insanely large pizza in Peshawar. The outlet is located at Arbab Tower Nasir Bagh Road, Peshawar. You can now order your pizzas online and we will deliver it to your doorstep. They deliver Pizza all over Peshawar. Their master chef prepares the best pizza with extreme care of hygiene, quality, and taste. Now scroll down to check the more information about the restaurant.

Melting Spot Peshawar Menu

Melting Spot Pizza provides a large variety of Pizza, sidelines, combos, and drinks. Ordering Pizzas online is a new trend in Peshawar. Keeping in view this new trend, Melting Spot Pizza developed a fully functional, fast, and engaging website to provide its client freshly baked pizzas and sidelines all over Peshawar. Large enough to satiate your appetite with just one slice, each bite of Melting Spot’s Insanely Large Pizza has a different story to tell.

Melting Spot Complete Menu:

It’s hard to resist when it comes to the last slice of the pizza. Come with the pizza lover who always fights for the last slice. Select any of the flavors of your choice. Chicken Tikka, Chicken Pepperoni, and, Sizzling Fajita. Actions speak louder than words. So just say it with Melting Spot Pizza.

Melting Spot Complete Menu 1 Melting Spot Complete Menu 2 Melting Spot Complete Menu 3 Melting Spot Complete Menu 4 Melting Spot Complete Menu 5 Melting Spot Complete Menu 6

Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty:

If you ask about the Melting spot specialty then their special thing is their world-famous pizza. However, it depends on your taste that which flavor you like the most. So without hesitation, simply order any pizza from them. Because they have all the best pizza flavors available here.

Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty 1 Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty 2 Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty 3 Melting Spot Peshawar Specialty

Melting Spot Deals:

Now the question is that what deals they are offering to their valuable customers. So for the answer to this question you have to check the menu card that is attached below. Check Melting Spot Peshawar Menu.

Melting Spot Deals 1 Melting Spot Deals 2 Melting Spot Deals 3 Melting Spot Deals 4 Melting Spot Deals 5 Melting Spot Deals 6 Melting Spot Deals3

Contact Number:

The contact number is given below call them and pre-book your order there.

(091) 5611708


The complete address is given here, go there and enjoy their food.

Arbab Tower, Nasir Bagh Road Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan-25000


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Here we have given the complete information related to Melting Spot Peshawar Menu prices, contact number, and many more. So stay with us for more information related to the menu prices of other restaurants.


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