Making your Iftar special just by visiting Monal Lahore. The ambiance will surely make your day special and unique. You can check Monal Lahore Ramadan Deals along with the rates from here. During the blessing month of Ramadan, this place will remain open for the Iftar time and also for the Sehri time just to serve the customers. During these timings, this place offers a special Iftar buffet and the sehri buffet. If you are also interested to do fasting with the food of this wonderful place then you can check the details from here. The offering details are described below have a look at the below side.

Monal Lahore Ramadan Deals

If you are planning an Iftar Dinner at home then you can order your favorite food from Monal in family servings. The meal of this place is available for both takeaway and delivery. Feast on the amazing Iftar Deals, available for Car Dining, Takeaway & Delivery for the entire month. So don’t forget to enjoy the magical sunset of Lahore along with our amazing discounted Iftar Deals.

Monal Lahore Iftar Deals:

How about some authentic flavors to ignite your tastebuds? The special Iftar Platter or deals comes with portions of each of the specific item. Just just how many Iftar deals they have for their customers.

The Monal Lahore Iftar Buffet


Monal Lahore Sehri Deals:

Keeping in view the prevailing situation of COVID-19. Monal Lahore introduces Live Sehri Bazar for Car Dining & Takeaway with all precautions in place. Enjoy a drive to the heart of Lahore, Liberty Market Roundabout, and enjoy a memorable Sehri experience. With your loved ones in a safe environment, you can enjoy the food. Serving times for the Sehri are 10:30 pm till 3:45 am.

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The Monal Sehri Buffet 2022:

Hey guys we all know that The Monal will surely welcome the holy month of Ramadan with the help of amazing deals and buffets. Feast on with amazing sehri buffet, available for Car Dining, Takeaway & Delivery for the entire month. Making your Sehri Delectable & Convenient while taking care of Hygiene, Quality & Economy.
The monal sehri buffet

Qabail Restaurant Ramadan Deals

All of you can now check Monal Lahore Ramadan Deals and also specific deals for Sehri and the Iftar deals just from here. Make sure to see the website off and on for the other interesting facts about the food.

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