Nishat Café in Lahore is situated in the core of Lakshmi Chowk, Abbot Road. Yes, here we will only talk about Cafe Nishat Lakshami Chowk. A paradise for desi food darlings. Laid out beginning around 1955 regardless of pressing onward. With a credible taste made with native masalas and fixings, desi food has a seriously most attractive thing for Lahories. They are making one memory of their grandmother’s cooking. Whether it is a takka tak or exceptional daal chaawal, Pakistani dishes satisfy you like none other and make a novel flavor.

Cafe Nishat Lakshami Chowk

All the extra decorating and sides like raita and kachoomar salad. There is a ton on a desi food menu and something for everybody. It is particularly ideally suited for a long time when you would rather not cook. They have all the biryani or tawa chicken for the customers. Furthermore, where is better to get the entirety of this under one rooftop?

Cafe Nishat Menu Card:

A place where you can get all assortments of desi food in one spot. They have a lot of exquisite food varieties to fulfill your taste buds-going from grill to karahi and takka tak. In the meantime, remember to eat up the most well-known menu like chap plate, lamb kebab masala, and naan haleem plate. You will leave needing more. Nobody can have the takka taken from Nishat Café only a single time.

Nishat cafe mneu

Cafe Nishat Specialty:

The Lahori weather is calling for this deliciousness. Order away right now from café nishat. Take your friends just around the corner, what better gift than treating them with the Desi food they adore. Order their favorite dish and make this day extra special for them.

Nishat cafe lakshmi chowk

Contact Number:

The number is shared here for you guys.

(042) 36312145


This is the address of the restaurant.

Abbott Rd, Lakshami Chowk, Royal Park, Lahore, Punjab 


See the link to the location from here.

Haji Baba Restaurant Lakshmi

Now make sure to see the details of Cafe Nishat Lakshami Chowk Menu Card Number Address Location and much more from here. As they have the best options for food lovers. Share your reviews in the comment section with us.

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