We are going to share Chattha’s Ramadan Deals along with its special Sehri and an Iftar buffet. We are also going to share its special Ramadan Menu which will only be available during the month of Ramadan. People who love to visit Chattha’s cafĂ© or restaurant can also visit this place during the month of Ramadan. They have introduced different deals including Sehri deals and Iftar deals so that maximum people can avail of maximum discounts from here. So, if you also want to visit this place or want to order their deals from home then, you can check its complete details from the below side.

Chattha’s Ramadan Deals

The Chattha’s restaurant Islamabad is a must-visit place during the month of Ramadan as this place offers the yummiest deals in Islamabad. Furthermore, this place introduces a special discounted menu for the month of Ramadan too. All the details of this eatery can be found in the below-given paragraphs.

Chattha’s Iftar Buffet:

Those who are interested in Chattha’s Iftar buffet can try one of the yummiest buffets in Islamabad for Just RS 1895 plus tax. They are offering more than 38 dishes in their Iftar cum dinner buffet. All the details of their buffet can be found on its menu.

Monal Islamabad Iftar Buffet

Sehri Buffet:

This place offers a heavy Sehri buffet that includes dishes like Beef Nihari, Beef Keema Mattar, Chicken Makhni Handi, and much more. Apart from this, you can also get BBQ in Chattha’s Sehri Buffet too. If we talk about the price of their Sehri buffet then, they are charging RS 1195 plus tax for the yummiest Sehri buffet in Islamabad.

Chattha’s Ramadan Menu:

We are sharing Chattha’s Ramadan Menu for its Iftar and Sehri buffets. You can check the details of dishes that will be serve in Sehri and Iftar. So, what are you waiting for? Just check the below-given menu and visit this place in the first hurry.

Chattha's Ramadan Menu

People who love to eat desi food in Sehri and Iftar can avail of Chattha’s Ramadan Deals in Islamabad. This place is offering the yummiest desi and Pakistani food that you will surely love to eat during the month of Ramadan.

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