Don’t Be Fool Order Wisely is advice to those who love to eat deals from restaurants. Have you ever visited a restaurant that confuses you through offering different deals? If yes, then think how many times you have compared the items’ original price with the price given in deals? If you haven’t compared the prices then next time when you will visit such places, you must have to compare the prices. Sometimes, it happens that a restaurant is charging more prices through deals than the actual prices. Today I’ll give you some reasons which will force you to think before ordering any deal from any restaurant.

Don’t Be Fool Order Wisely

Restaurants make different deals for the customers so they can force the customers to order more and more food. Sometimes, they make such deals that look lucrative to customers but when they order they become the fool. So, next time don’t be fool and order wisely. So, scroll down and check the below reasons that why should you think before ordering any deal.

Don’t Be Fool Order Wisely

Looks Lucrative but not in Real:

Sometimes, deals look lucrative but not in real because they describe in a way that looks good but not good in real. For example, you see a deal that is offering 5 items in RS 450 and when you check the deal then you will find that deal includes a single piece of chicken, roti, raita, salad, and drink. When they talk about five things then you must have to consider which five things are being served and what are the quantities of them.

Makes it Possible to Order More:

Sometimes, they make such deals that force customers to order more food. For example, if you are visiting with your friend and you normally order two burgers and two drinks. They sometimes make such deals through which they simply add fries and make a deal. So, when you order the deal then they simply obtain their purpose of getting their food order more.


The restaurant also manipulates the customer by changing some items and making a deal. For example, a restaurant is offering a burger for Rs 250 and a drink for Rs 50. When they make a deal for two they simply add two burgers, 1 drink, and 1 fries for the price of RS 700. Two burgers and a bottle cost Rs 550 and the actual price of fries is Rs 150 so there is no reason to order such deals.

 Deceive The Customer:

Some prices are not real and they simply deceive the customer through deals. Once I went to eat biryani and I simply ordered their single deal in which they were serving medium biryani, raita, salad, and bottle in RS 200. The next time when I visited the same place I noticed their medium biryani is Rs 130, a bottle costs Rs 25, Raita and Salad are of Rs 20 each. When I calculate, they were charging Rs 5 more than the actual price of the food. So, I became a fool but you don’t be fool and order wisely.


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