Water, in nature, the aquatic life and its mystical secret a world distinct, lies hidden several feet below. This is the theme behind Floating Cafe Islamabad. The image of a world, antiquated, yet new, leave a dream in the human brain, loosens up the psyche and body, as the eyes take in everything about a recently discovered presence and ease the brain of all types of pressure and stress. A comparable collaboration with nature is presently conceivable. Secured by the always amazing Margalla slopes, The Rawal Lake is presently open for the individuals who recognize the capacity of nature to restore your essentialness.

Floating Cafe Islamabad

At The Float, this restaurant just brings to you a memorable experience. Imagine the feeling of being disconnected from the world, and then surrounded yourself only by the most beautiful sights of nature.  This restaurant is witnessing the Margalla Hills soaked in the golden sunlight, as the lake below gently takes you into a world of fantasy. The scent of fresh water and the sound of waves will surely leave you relaxed and revived.

The Float Café Menu Card:

The Float restaurant provides you with a 220 square feet floating room, where you can relax with your family, call up your friends, hang out, have dinners and birthdays, and even just some quiet, secluded time with your loved ones. Now for the complete menu details see it from here.

The float menu card

The Float Specialty:

At The Float, welcome you to a guaranteed experience of revitalization and relaxation. Let the water settle and you will see stars and the moon mirrored in your being. So when it comes to the specialty then this place has a specialty to make partner’s day special. Just give a chance to your loved ones to be special.The float

The Float Images:

The images are shared here for you guys. See the beautiful pictures that describe the beauty of this place. Have you ever seen something like a restaurant that floats on the lake? Or you can see eating food on the water with your loved ones.

The float images

Floating Café Contact Number:

The number is shared here call them and then ask for their availability.

0332 5153639

Floating Café Address:

This is the complete address of this café.

Rawal Lake Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan-44000

Floating Café Location:

For the location just check the link given on the below side.

Cafe Macaw Bahria Enclave

All you have to see is the details about Floating Cafe Islamabad Menu card specialty and the images. Just check the details from here and then visit this place for enjoyment.

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