Those who are looking for the Best Iftar Box Deals In Lahore can check the best deals in their city. You can visit these places for Iftar can make your iftar special by eating the tasty food. Some of these restaurants are offering an Iftar cum dinner buffet but here we will discuss only the Iftar box deals. Some of the deals are perfect for the family and some are for friends. So, either you are interested in the Iftar box deals or want to get a special discount through ordering special Ramadan deals then you are on the right website. Just check the below list and order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant at discounted rates.

Iftar Box Deals In Lahore

There are different restaurants in Lahore that are offering a special discount during the month of Ramadan. You can visit these places to avail of a special discount by ordering their special Ramadan deals box for the time of iftar. If you want to check the list of restaurants then simply check here.

Chandni Chowk:

During the month of Ramadan, restaurants offer buffets to their customers. Chandni Chowk Lahore is also offering to its customers too. You can also check Chandni Chowk Lahore Menu with prices and can get more details of this place. We have also shared their contact number and other details that you can check by opening the above link. Chandni Chowk Iftar Buffet menu with prices can check from here. We are sharing the complete detail including the hidden tax etc. So, scroll down and check their complete details.

Chandni chwok Iftar box 1

Oban hotel:

This place has different platters or buffet boxes for their customers. Depending on the number of participants, you can order any of the best Iftar buffet boxes that we are sharing on the below side. Oban Restaurant is also offering home delivery services that you can avail of by dialing their contact numbers. Allah will bless you and protect you from all sins in the month of Ramadan. May peace, joy, and hope be filled in your house with the blessed food. Have a blessed Ramadan with Oban Hotel Ramadan Deals.

Oban Hotel Sehri

Park lane hotel:

Now Park Lane Hotel is offering you the same thing to break your fast. Enjoy the flavorful variety of food in our Iftar Dinner Box for just Rs. 1200+tax. All the details of Park Lane Hotel Ramadan Deals are mentioned here. Park Lane Sehri and Park Lane Iftar deals are provided here in the article.

Park Lane Iftar Box

List of Iftar Box Deals Restaurants:

For your easiness, we have made the list with the restaurant and the prices of the deals here.

Chandni Chowk Budget buffet bix RS 1499/-
Oban Hotel Iftar Dinner Box for just Rs. 1299+tax.
Park Lane Hotel Iftar Dinner Box for just Rs. 1200+tax.

Foodpanda Lahore Iftar Deals

We have shared the information about Iftar Box Deals In Lahore along with the pictures and the rates of the deals. So if you want to know some of the other deals of Ramadan then have to stay with us.

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