Pakistan’s first and original handcrafted Gourmet Popcorn by Pop Nosh. Check out the details of Pop Nosh Lahore Rate List from here. Proud pioneers of Fully Coated Caramel Popcorn and more than 20 other flavors of popcorn. A scrumptious snack for friends and family, corporate gifts, birthday parties, and more. They have now got attention through their special kind of ice cream. They aim just to make others happy through their flavor and taste. If you don’t have any idea about this place then make sure to see the details from here. We have shared the menu card and also the rate list here.

Pop Nosh Lahore Rate List

Pop Nosh has now aimed at popping happiness by handcrafting each and every bit to perfection. They strive to grow with the same love that put in each batch to provide a healthier, cozier, and scrumptious snack. Bring something fun into your life, have the tasty shakes now. They are refreshingly delicious and have everything we are craving right now.

Pop Nosh Rates:

Pop Nosh Gourmet popcorns have proudly announced the Launch of the best Gourmet cones for the first time in Pakistan. Handcrafted Soft serve goodness has been introduced for all ice-cream lovers. Rush to our POP NOSH Lahore to get your hands on one of the finest Gourmet Cones. Have a look at the rates given here on the below side.

PopNosh Menu Card PopNosh Menu Coffee Shake PopNosh Menu Prices PopNosh Menu PopNosh Menus PopNosh Rates PopNosh Shakes PopNosh

Pop Nosh Specialty:

Cold sweets are the dreams of summer, now you can taste them in this season and bless your taste buds with the flavors. Have the icy, tasty sundaes right now and live your summer dreams come true. When you will eat then you will realize that this would be more refreshing, more chilling, and even more enjoyable.

PopNosh Specialty

Pop Nosh Photos:

Want to check how tempting these sweets are? Then here we have shared the pictures of the ice-creams of the pop-corns of this place. See the images now, but keep one thing in your mind that they have all the delicious items that increase your craving.

PopNosh Photos

Cafe Ostyria Mall Road Lahore Menu

If you want to check about Pop Nosh Lahore Rate List then you are in right place. All the menu cards and the rates are shared here. Make sure to see the other restaurants having the best ice-creams or any of the other delicious food.

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