The real taste of Peshawar can be found at Jalil Kabab House Peshawar. This place is serving one of the best Afghani food at economical prices. You can try their most famous chapli kabab and can experience the real taste. This place is not suitable for birthday celebrations etc and you can only visit this place for food. Although they have a family sitting area still you can avoid sitting through their take away service. If you are in Peshawar then you must have to visit this place if you are craving the best Kabab in Town. You can also check their complete menu with prices from this place. Further details are as follows.

Jalil Kabab House Peshawar Menu Prices

People love to visit Peshawar for many reasons but when we ask someone why he/she is in Peshawar then the reply would be for its food. In Peshawar, you can find a variety of food including street food which is the backbone of the Peshawar food industry. When it comes to street food then you cannot ignore Jalil Kabab House Peshawar because they are one of the best Kabab places in Peshawar. For their complete menu, you can simply scroll down.

Jalil Kabab House Menu:

Ignore the name because you can also have other afghani food like Kabuli pulao at this place. Jalil Kabab House Peshawar Menu list includes its best Kabab, Kabuli Pulao, and other beef and mutton items. You can check their complete menu from the below pictures.

Jalil Kabab House Peshawar Menu Prices

Jalil Kabab House Specialty:

If you are looking for their specialty then their most famous dish is their special Kabab. Asides this, you can also try their Pulao and other BBQ items at this place.

Contact Number:

Here is the contact number of this place.



University Rd, Phase-3 chowk Regi Llama, Peshawar KPK Pakistan


This is the complete detail about Jalil Kabab House Peshawar Menu Prices that you can check form this website. If you want to check the other restaurants in Peshawar then simply scroll down.

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