When we talk about the world’s famous biryani then how could we forgot about Jummah Biryani Karachi by Mustafa Pakwan. Jummah Beef Biryani Karachi is the famous kind of biryani that all over the country people just come to eat from this place.  Now Mustafa Pakwan had become a famous personality of Karachi. The special kind of biryani is only sold on the day of Jummah. After the prayer of Jummah, they open the setup of the biryani. As they don’t have a big restaurant, only deal with the customers on a cart. But when they open their setup after 2 to 3 hours they sell approximately 20 Daig.

Jummah Biryani Karachi by Mustafa Pakwan

As we have mentioned already that Jummah Biryani now becomes a famous food in Pakistan. When we talk about the customer’s reviews than they told us that this is the best biryani in the world. From many other cities, customers came to eat a single plate of biryani. After eating there they also pack the plates for their family. So guys scroll down to check the details about this cart biryani.

Jummah Biryani Karachi Menu Prices:

We have already told you that the famous food in this place is biryani. So they only deal with biryani. There is no other kind of food is available here. Try this once in your life this food either you’re a citizen of Karachi or not.

Single Plate price 150

Double Plate Price 300

Jummah Biryani Karachi Menu Prices

Jummah Biryani by Mustafa Pakwan Karachi:

The specialty of this best-renowned place is one and only and that is their beef Biryani. When the news channels take reviews from the customers, they only share that the spices are really up to the mark. We want to eat food daily. But the specialty of this place is that they only open their shop on Friday after the Salah of Jummah.


Mustafa Pakwan Jummah Biryani Photos:

Here we have shared some photos of this place. This will evidence that how much people love this place. Open the pictures given below to check a glimpse of the cart.

Jummah Biryani



As we have already told you that they open the cart after the namaz of Jummah just for 2 to 3 hours.


The complete address is given here, along with the location on the Google map.

Bambino Cinema Saddar Mobile Market Karachi


Check the google pin map location from here.

Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House Menu

More information about Jummah Biryani Karachi by Mustafa Pakwan is provided here. If you want to visit this place, then you can use the location from here. check the restaurant information of Karachi from here.

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