All of you can now check Lahore Eid Deals from here. As we all know that Lahore is a place from where you will get anything you desire at any time. So guys when it’s the time of Eid then how you all could forget about the Eid parties. Just see the restaurants that are dealing with the eid deals and then visit those places for enjoyment with your friends. Must see the details from here. Here we have shared all the details and all the pictures in which these deals are described. Scroll down and have the details from here.

Lahore Eid Deals

As we know that Lahorie is the people who just love eating. So guys when you have the deals in front of you then how could you resist your hands? Just check the details and then order the deal at your doorstep, or can enjoy the food in your car. See the images from the below side.

Dera Restaurant:

Dera aims to provide quality traditional Desi food along with a purely Desi atmosphere of the classic village heritage and culture of Pakistan. The management has transformed the ordinary typical cultural word Dera into an icon of taste and traditions in the center of the city of food-loving people, Lahore. Since its opening Dera is on wheels to which illegal copiers will never reach. It is only because Dera management has never compromised on the quality that’s why this mass has admired this fabulous place as a sign of taste and traditions altogether. Now Dera Restaurant is serving the customers on Eid day. See the deals from here.

Dera eid deals

Nadeem Tikka Restaurant:

This place offers the best deal to its customers at very economical prices. After the blessing month of Ramadan Karim, this place also offers special Eid deals to its customers too. Basically, they offer economical rate rates that can be eaten by friends. On the below side, they are sharing the complete details by the famous restaurant of Lahore Nadeem Tikka.

Nadeem Tikka Eid

Ganache Café:

If you are searching for something sweet that will make a statement in your mouth and tantalize your taste buds then call them. The cakes are of the highest quality, baked last minute from scratch using the best quality cream butter and chocolate. A perfectly delightful Eid Cake is offered by this place. Make every moment special with Ganache and then enjoy it with your friends.

Bundu Khan:

Bundu Khan never disappoints its customers as this place offers discounted deals on every occasion. As Eid is on the door, so, this restaurant has announced some of the best Eid deals in Lahore. So, if you want to check Bundu Khan Eid Deals then, you can check from here.

bundu khan eid deals

Monal Lahore:

The best view with the yummiest dishes can be experienced at Monal Restaurant Lahore. People who are planning to visit Monal Lahore during Eid can check some of the best Monal Eid deals. These deals are the best way of getting discounts from this restaurant. So, if you love to avail of discounts then, you can check some of the best Monal Eid Deals from this website.

Monal eid deal

Mei Kong Restaurant:

The Mei Kong Cafe is a place where you can delightfully satiate your taste buds. They have an environment where you can dine in a relaxing way. To see the deals they are offering to the customers. Have a look at the deals from the below side.

mei kong eid mei kong eid deal mei kong eid deals Mei kong deals eid


KFC Pakistan is also offering different Eid deals on the happiest occasion of the year. People who love to eat at KFC can check some of the best KFC Eid Deals from here and avail of special discounts. This restaurant is not only offering one or two deals but offering more than 5 different deals to its customers. For more details, you can check KFC Eid Deals from here.

KFC Eid Offer 2021

McDonald’s Lahore:

People who are excited to avail of special deals this Eid can also visit any of McDonald’s branches in Lahore. They have introduced McDonald’s Eid Deals so that maximum people can avail discount from this place. You can check some of the best-discounted deals of this place from here and can avail by visiting any of its branches.

MCdonalds eid deals

Pizza Hut:

In the race for best deals in Lahore, Pizza Hut always stands on the list of top restaurants. People who are interested in the best pizza deals in Lahore on this eid can visit this place. We are sharing Pizza Hut Eid deals so that you can check some of the best discounts during the Eid festival.

pizza hut eid

Lahore Eid Buffet Deals:

People who love to do buffets in Lahore can check the list of places that are offering Lahore Eid Buffet Deals from here. You can visit any of these restaurants for one of the yummiest buffets in Lahore. So, have a look on the below-given list.

Spice Bazaar:

The Spice bazaar not only arranges buffet on occasions but this restaurant offers a buffet on regular basis too. During Eid, you can experience a royal buffet at this restaurant. We are sharing Spice Bazaar Buffet deals that you can check from this website. So, what are you waiting for? just check Spice Bazaar Buffet Menu from here and visit this place in the first hurry.

spice bazaar eid

Ramada Hotel:

The Ramada Hotel is also offering a special buffet this Eid. This place is quite expensive but if you will visit them this Eid then, you will surely get a special discount from this place. Some of the best Ramada Eid deals are as follows. You can check these deals to avail of special discounts from this restaurant.


Ramada eid deals

Khiva Restaurant:

The Khiva restaurant is a famous eatery in Pakistan that is famous for its royal buffet. This place is also going to arrange a lunch and dinner buffet during this Eid. So, if you are interested in Eid buffet then, you can consider this restaurant too.

Khiva Restaurant Menu Card

Now make sure to see the details about Lahore Eid Deals and much more just from here. This is the place from where you will have the menu prices of all the restaurants situated in Lahore.

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