McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food chains in Pakistan and all around the world. They have started to serve the whole country either a big city or not. So must check McDonald’s Gulberg Islamabad details. Their Islamabad branch is also very old because they know they cannot ignore the food hub of Pakistan. So, if you have decided to order something from McDonald’s then you need to first check its complete menu from here. You can also order it online and have the home delivery facility but check the actual prices and avail real prices directly from the restaurant. They have a home delivery service so if you want to order something then check their contact number.

McDonald’s Gulberg Islamabad

When it comes to McDonald’s then there are various branches in Pakistan including in Islamabad city. You can visit this restaurant to try the best fast food in town which is available at a very lower rate. We have shared the complete detail of this place that you can check by visiting the below side of this website.

McDonald’s Islamabad Menu Card:

Here we have shared the menu card of this restaurant. They have a vast range of menu card items so whenever you visit them just see the menu card first and then bless your taste buds. They have a very reasonable cost for their products.

Ala Carte Menu

Chicken Burger With Cheese RS 257
Value McArabia Chicken Rs 265
Mini McRoyale RS 265
Chicken Chapli Burger RS 230
Double Chicken Chapli Burger Rs 292
Cheese Burger RS 257
Double Cheese Burger RS 434
Big Mac RS 504
Double Big Mac RS 655
Quarter Pounder Rs 504
Quarter Pounder Double RS 699
McRoyale Rs 522
Grand Chicken Spicy Rs 593
Chicken Mac Rs 496
McChicken Rs 354
McChicken Double Rs 504
Spicy McCrispy Deluxe Rs 363
McCrispy Deluxe Double RS 593
McArabia RS 549
Chicken McNuggets 6 Pcs RS 389
Chicken McNuggets 9 Pcs RS 513
Chicken Mc Nuggets 20 Pcs Rs 858
Filet-O-Fish Rs 398
Filet-O-Fish Double Rs 522

Crispy Chicken

2 Pcs Spicy Chicken With Regular Drink From Rs 438
2pcs Crispy Chicken With Regular Drink From Rs 438
2 Pieces Crispy Chicken From Rs 549
3 Pieces Spicy Chicken with Regular Fries & Drink From Rs 717
3 Pieces Crispy Chicken From Rs 717
9pcs Spicy Chicken Bucket Meal ( including drinks) From Rs 1,655

Happy Meal

Happy Meal Beef Burger RS 319
Happy Meal Cheese Burger Rs 389
Happy Meal Chicken Burger Rs 389
Happy Meal 4 Pcs Chicken McNuggets Rs 389


McFlurry Oreo RS 283
Hot Fudge Sundae Rs 257
Strawberry Sundae RS 257
Apple Pie RS 195


Babyccino RS 97
Espresso RS 142
Macchiato From Rs 128
Cake Brownie with Walnut From Rs 261
Tiramisu Cake From Rs 376
Milk Chocolate Muffin From Rs 168
Double Chocolate Cookie From Rs 168
Hazelnut Iced Latte From Rs 345
Ice Tea Rasberry From Rs 327
Blueberry Muffin From Rs 261
Chcolate Oreo Frappe From Rs 478
Mocha Frappe From Rs 522
Iced Latte From Rs 345
Hot Chocolate From Rs 345
Americano From Rs 257
Vanilla Frappe From Rs 478
Chocolate Frappe From Rs 478
Cappuccino From Rs 310
Latte From Rs 310
Mochaccino From Rs 345


Karak Chai From Rs 177
Coke From Rs 168
Sprite From Rs 168
Coke Zero From Rs 168
Milo From Rs 159
Orange Juice From Rs 212
McFizz Strawberry From Rs 159
McFizz Guava From Rs 159
Vanila Shake From Rs 257
Chocolate Shake From Rs 257
Strawberry Shake From Rs 257
Cappuccino From Rs 239
Latte From Rs 257
Mochaccino From Rs 301
Tea From Rs 150
Green Tea From Rs 133

Side Lines

Chicken McNuggets 20 Pcs Rs 858
Large Fries RS 283
Curly Fries RS 257
Chicken Mcnuggets 6 Pcs RS 389
Chicken McNuggets 9 Pcs RS 513

Snakes Time

Spicy Chicken Burger From Rs 301
4pcs McNuggets From Rs 301
Fries & Drink From Rs 301
Apple Pie with Tea From Rs 150


Omelette N’ Tomato Wrap From Rs 190
Egg McMuffin From Rs 173
Egg N’ Hashbrowns wrap From Rs 305
Egg N’ Sausage wrap From Rs 354
Omelette McMuffin From Rs 239
Chicken Sausage McMuffin with Egg From Rs 372
Chicken Sausage McMuffin From Rs 310
Egg McMuffin From Rs 173
Chicken Muffin From Rs 265
Egg and Cheese McMuffin From Rs 239
Hotcakes From Rs 327
Happy Meal Breakfast From Rs 389
Hash Brown From Rs 133


McDonald’s Islamabad Deal:

When it comes to deals then this place has special deals for special occasions. Just check the offering of deals from here. We will upload the details here for you guys.

McDonalds Gujranwala

McDonalds Deals 2

 McDonald’s Islamabad Specialty:

Talking about the specialty of this place then they have special burgers, fries, and shakes. So, if you want to try the best burgers in Islamabad then you can visit this place.

McDonalds Gujranwala Deals

McDonald’s Islamabad Photos:

See the images from here you will have an idea of how beautiful a place this is. They have the arrangements for the families and the kids as well. So you can take any of your partners with you.

McDonalds Sea view

McDonald’s Islamabad Contact Number:

The number is provided here, call them and then have the food at your doorstep.

0300 8567174

McDonald’s Islamabad Address:

For the exact address must check the below-given details.

one Expressway, Gulberg Greens Koral Town, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory

McDonald’s Islamabad Location:

Here we have shared the Google pin map location for you guys, visit this place with your partners.

Cafe Rustic Islamabad

All the best information related to McDonald’s Gulberg Islamabad Menu card and much more is just provided here. From here you can also check the details of other kid’s deals and the student deals. Avail of the discounts and save your money.

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