A restaurant that has tasty food for the customers. Nawab’s Dynasty Restaurant is your one spot destination to curb the Desi cravings. They just believe in satisfying your food cravings with the tempting food prepared with a Mughlai Tarka customized to make your taste buds fall in love with them. Now you all will get eth amazing iftar buffet this Ramadan at the Nawab dynasty. This place has approximately 20+ dishes with an air-conditioned hall for families. Giving you reasons to smile this Ramadan one bite at a time. Now you can see the complete details of the Iftar buffet and the available dishes here.

Nawab’s Dynasty Iftar Buffet

Revive the freshness this Ramadan with the authentic thalis, It’s hot & sizzling for your taste buds. Takeaway & Delivery Ramadan goodness deals are just available here. Eat your heart out this Ramadan. Get your favorites of Nawabi flavors this Ramadan enjoy the best buffet in k-town. Please yourself with the Nawabi taste.

Nawab’s Dynasty 2022 Iftar Buffet:

You all will soon tease your taste buds on a regular. Making your Ramadan food experience even more special. Deals are only available on takeaway & delivery. Aren’t we all great fans of tasty food, then just try it today and treat your taste buds. The finest desi food experience to have in K-Town serving authenticity is the forte. Just Igniting the love for food. Nothing says delicious better than the Nawabi food. One of the Finest Desi Food experiences you’ve ever had in Karachi. The only Restaurant which gives you Authentic & Elaborate Thalis.

nawabs dynasty Iftar buffet Nawabs dynasty ramadan

Nawab’s Dynasty 2022 Sehri Platter:

Currently, Nawab’s Dynasty has not offered Sehri deals on their menu card. But after some time you can surely recommend them the Sehri buffet or platter. Now make sure to call them and then ask for further rates and the details.

Sambo Iftar Platter

All the best possible details of Nawab’s Dynasty Iftar Buffet 2022 are just available here for you guys. Now you can surely share your reviews with us in the comment section. We will also update the website from time to time.

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