A restaurant that is just nested in the heart of Lahore, Penthouse. A symphony of divine food and elegant ambiance. For inquiries and reservations, you need to see Penthouse Iftar Buffet from here. Ramadan is coming, and have you seen the moon? If yes then you need to visit this place and then have the food. Penthouse is in full swing and they have a unique menu prepared for you. Make your reservation today to enjoy the Devine food and perfect indoor and outdoor space. See the complete details of the Iftar buffet rates from here.

Penthouse Iftar Buffet

Enjoy the last of the perfect weather with the forever perfect ambiance, atmosphere, crowd, and food. Mingle with the famous faces and enjoy the awesome music all night. Fulfill your wildest cravings with Penthouse’s appetizing and flavorsome Ramadan deals. Try if you haven’t tried yet.

Penthouse 2022 Iftar Buffet:

This Ramadan Penthouse Lahore is bringing something very special to Lahore. They will be opening from 6 pm to 4 am every day and will be doing the most extensive Iftari and Sehri Buffet. You will also get live cooking stations, live singers, and a truly special atmosphere. This Ramadan ambiance will help you to bring together friends and family.

penthouse iftar buffet penthouse iftar

Penthouse 2022 Sehri Buffet:

Now Dive into the spirit of the season with the very best quality fresh Afternoon Tea in Penthouse, perfect for sharing. Unwind together with the highest afternoon tea in Lahore, with an amazing selection of hot and cold canapés served in true Penthouse get the food to your table.

penthuose sehri buffer

Swipe Up Ramadan Deals

Here we have shared the details of Penthouse Iftar Buffet 2022. As this place has offered tasty Iftar and Sehri buffet to the customers. So you will surely get the food at lower rates with your loved ones. If you have already tasted the food of this place then you can surely share your reviews with us.

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