Are you looking for Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore? If yes, then you are on the right website. Today we are going to share the list of restaurants which has separate cabin seating for couples, families, and friends. Sometimes, people need privacy to spend some quality time with their partner. By identifying this gap, most of the restaurants are now offering separate seating to couples. But still, it is not enough because other couples are also sitting near you. So, some of these restaurants have introduced separate cabins where you can spend a joyful time with your partner. So, check the list of restaurants with Hujra style or cabin sitting arrangements in Lahore.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore

Lahore is a city of food lovers. There are thousands of restaurants in this city that offer different cuisines to satisfy the hunger of their beloved customers. Some of them have separate sitting arrangements for couples too. So, check the list of restaurants in Lahore with separate cabins sitting.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore

Separate Cabin Restaurants in Lahore:

We have prepared a list of separate cabin restaurants in Lahore. So, if you want to bring your girlfriend or wife to a place where you can spend quality time then you can select any of the below-given restaurants in Lahore.

Andaaz Restaurant:

Andaaz Restaurant Lahore is one of the best places to visit with family for divine food. This place is not only providing the best meal but also has a separate cabin sitting for couples. So, if you want to enjoy your meal with your partner then you can visit these restaurants. You can also check Andaaz Restaurant Lahore Menu from this website.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Andaaz

Al-Nakhal Lahore:

Al-Nakhal restaurant Lahore is an Arabian style restaurant which has separate Hujra style sitting for couples and families. They don’t have any extra charges for separate sitting. For Al Nakhal Lahore Menu, you can check this website.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Al Nakhal

Charsi Tikka Faisal Town:

This place is famous for its Afghan cuisine. Charsi Tikka Faisal town Lahore has separate cabins only for couples and families. So, if you are visiting this place with your family or want to bring your girlfriend to dinner then you can bring them to this place. This place has a very cool environment that will make your visit memorable.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Charsi Tikka

Bait ul Mandi Johar Town Lahore:

This is also an Arabic style restaurant. They also have a separate cabin sitting for families. You can check the Bait ul Mandi Johar town Lahore menu and can decide to visit this place because they have a very unique ambiance. As a concern for their price range, they have very moderate prices.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Bait al mandi

Ravi Faisal Town:

Ravi Restaurant Faisal town is also standing in the list of Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore. You can visit this place if you are looking for a separate dine-in facility in Lahore. At this place, you can find Pakistani, desi, and fast food. Find their complete menu on this website.

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Sarhad Restaurant Lahore:

This place not only has a separate cabin sitting but also has a rooftop sitting. You can check the restaurant images from and can decide to visit this place. This is a great option for people who are looking for a restaurant with a private dining facility in Lahore.

Café Aylanto MM Alam Road:

Café Aylanto MM Alam Road provides complete privacy to its customers. They have separate sitting as well as a separate smoking zone where customers can smoke too. This place is quite expensive, but still, it is worth to visit this place with your partner.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Cafe Aylanto

Restaurants with Private Rooms in Lahore:

Those who are looking for restaurants with private rooms in Lahore can check the list of the below restaurants. These restaurants have separate sitting or you can say a separate room to celebrate birthdays or to do romantic dinner with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Options Lahore:

Options restaurant Lahore is a place that always tries to make your events memorable. If you want to bring your girlfriend to a candlelight dinner in a private room where no one will disturb you then you can visit this place. Before visiting, it is compulsory to book their separate room and they will décor according to your plan. This is the best way to purpose your girlfriend by bringing her to a candlelight dinner at Options restaurant Lahore.

Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore Options

So, if you want to check more Private Cabin Restaurants in Lahore then let us know through comments. We will surely update new restaurants for you on this website. You can get the complete details of these restaurants like their menu prices, their address, phone numbers, and pin locations.

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