The season of beef and mutton has started. And everyone is tensed from where they can do the Ran Roast in Islamabad. For easiness, we have shared here the complete list of the restaurants that are offering Ran roast service to their customers. The trend has gone on because on Eid day everyone is very tired due to the hectic work. So, in that case, they can take their Ran to the restaurants and they will prepare it for the customers. The taste is as same as you will taste while sitting in the restaurant. So the list is mentioned here you can see the restaurants from here.

Ran Roast in Islamabad

Eid-ul-Adha is the occasion on which you all will have meat in a very excessive amount. So mostly you have a plan to organize Eid parties at home. And want to prepare many of the different kinds of dishes. So Ran roast could be one of them. If you want to make the ran roast like the taste of hotels. Then you have to give your Ran to the restaurants and they will prepare it for you with the exact taste and exact spices.

Ran Roast Islamabad:

In Islamabad, you all can enjoy your roasted Raan from the below-given restaurants. They have started to give services to the customers at a very lower rate.

  1. Zanjabeel
  2. Islamabad Marriott Hotel
  3. Golden Spoon Islamabad
  4. Kishmisch Grill

Zanjabeel Restaurant:

On the occasion of eid give the cooking responsibility to the Zanjabeel restaurant. Because they do the cooking for the festival for their customers. Bring your meat and get it seasoned in the traditional Greek style. In which they put the lamb meat with Garlic & Lemon herb lamb roast. Not only this these spices are paired with Buttery Herbed Hasselback Potatoes. To see the rates from here.

Zanjabeel ran roat

Islamabad Marriott Hotel:

This Eid you can make delicious food items. And the easy way is that just bring in a mutton leg and the expert chefs of Marriott hotel will roast it the right way. They have also introduced new grilled specialties which are worth a try at a very lower rate. Hygienically prepare food is available here while you stay home and enjoy your Eid with your friends and family. Plus a fantastic 40% discount for all Faysal bank Debit and Credit cardholders on all takeaways and food orders.

Islamabad Marriott Hotel

Golden Spoon Islamabad:

There are thousands of Lamb Leg Roast caterers in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. But when it comes to the name of  Golden Spoon then this is one of the best Roast Caterers in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Golden Spoon has a large menu included in the prices. The prices are very reasonable for you. Now you can take your Lamb leg to them and they will prepare it for you.

lam leg roast

Kishmisch Grill:

Make your Eid less of a hassle and give you some of the responsibilities to Kishmisch Grill. Let the chef roast your Qurbani raan instead of your own. they will surely do it in a professional way. The restaurant will do this work at minimal rates. So just see the detail of the contact from here.

kishmisch grill

Best Namkeen Karahi in Islamabad

As we all know Lamb Leg Roast is a very popular dish in Pakistan on special occasions like parties, weddings, and even on Eid. Those who want to know about Ran Roast In Islamabad can check the details from here. You all can feel free and check the details about the restaurants and get the best details service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


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