We all know that when we have kids with us then we cant enjoy the tasty food. So for that purpose restaurants have build play areas in restaurants. From here you can check the list of Restaurant With a Play Area In Lahore. So when you have an idea about such kinds of restaurants then there is no need to left your kids behind. Take your kids with you and let them free in those play areas. To enhance customers satisfaction restaurant owners just try to make such kind of play areas. See the list of the restaurants having such kind of play areas you need to check the below side.

Restaurant With Play Area In Lahore

When there is a playground in the café then it makes parents feel relief then their kids are safe and enjoying themselves with others. This step is just appealing for the families who want to take their kids with themselves. It may also lead to stay longer in the restaurants, and the stay of the families happy and satisfied. This is the best investment done by the restaurant’s owner. So just have a look at the restaurants having playgrounds.

Indoor Playground Restaurants:

When there are indoor playgrounds in restaurants then it will help them with branding. Some of the playing things in the restaurants make the parents of the kids visit such places again and again. Such restaurants are true family restaurants.

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Fri-chicks
  3. The Monal Lahore
  4. Happy Acres
  5. Wonder World
  6. The Oasis Golf & Aqua Resort


As most of us have visited McDonald’s and we all know that they have a separate play area for the kids. When parents want to enjoy the food then they can let their kids to those play areas. Small kids will definitely enjoy playing in the indoor playlands. And even most of the kids just want to visit McDonald’s again and again just for the fun in the playlands.



As a place where kids want to visit again and again are seem to be the most famous ones. So Frichicks is considered as one of them. They have lovely play areas for the kids. Some of their branches although having no area for playing but many of their branches have arranged some entertainment for kids.


The Monal Lahore:

Enjoy Monal’s Sumptuous food with indoor playgrounds. They have fitted many of the playing instruments in the special area. So you can enjoy every day there with your kids. Now don’t think about where you can leave your kids because you can take them on a new adventure.

the monal

Happy Acres:

A place that is located in Y Block DHA. A play area, with a saloon and even a café. Where you can do relaxing with delicious food.  While leaving your kids to play on their own. Happy Acres is basically a play area having many of the adventures things like a zip line, a jungle gym, a ball pit, and slides. Kids will definitely enjoy the place and parents can have the food.

happy acres

Wonder World:

As we all know that a trend has been set to make play areas for kids in the restaurant. So wonders of the world have made a lot of physical activity-based learning for kids. While the parents of those kids can enjoy their food without interruption.

wonder world

The Oasis Golf & Aqua Resort:

The Oasis is a truly unique membership-based resort in Lahore. Offering something for everyone of all ages in the family. Let your kids experience the fun in our soft play area. The Oasis has a vast 4000 square feet soft play area for your infants, toddlers, and children.

the oasis

Best Buffet In Lahore

Here we have described the details about Restaurant With Play Area In Lahore. As we all know that kids just want fun and entertainment. So for that thing keep in mind restaurant owners had made such indoor playlands for the kids.

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