There are a few places in Lahore that have their hype and vibe. And Saleem butt Mutton Chanay is considered as one of them. If you want to have the best chany in Lahore then there is no better place than Saleem butt chanay. A place that has limited food for the customers. So for such kind of tasty food you need to be on time because there is a huge queue for the famous Mutton chanay. Balanced spices and the undoubtedly tasty dish will surely force you to come back.

Saleem Butt Mutton Chanay

In Old Lahore or you can in the walled city, many of the heritage places are situated. And no famous restaurant can replace the taste and the hype of these places. So for the list of best places in Lahore you need to see the Famous Lahore Food from here.

Saleem Butt Mutton Chanay Menu:

A lot of dishes are just available at this place. The taste of this place is unique as the rates. Rs. 600 for Mutton Machli, Kofta Chanay for Rs. 70, and Anda Chanay for Rs. 150. But the taste of this place is worth the price. Now you can see the complete rate list from this place.

Saleem butt mutton chanay menu

Saleem Butt Chanay Specialty:

As this is only a food cart restaurant. So there is no sitting arrangement. Now when it comes to the tasty food then you must order Mutton Chanay. Just keep an eye on the time because this place does not serve for the whole day.

Saleem butt mutton chanay

Saleem Butt Contact Number:

The number of the food place is shared here for you.

Saleem Butt Chanay Address:

As this food place is just situated in Walled city the complete address is shared here.

Ganpat Rd, Anarkali Bazaar Lahore, Punjab 

Saleem Butt Location:

For the complete link to the location, you must see the below side.

Tara Bong paye Gumti Bazar 

All the details of Saleem Butt Mutton Chanay Menu and the special item is shared here. We have shared the images that describe the taste of this place in a better way. Comment us about your reviews about the taste.

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