Eating fast food with a little bit of knowledge regarding and nutrients can help in you in making you fit and healthy. Most people do not know what they are actually eating and what are the basic nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Fast Food sometimes plays the role of healthy medicine for you. Here are some tips for you when you go to a fast-food restaurant.

Six Simple Rules to Follow for Eating Nutritiously at a Fast-Food Restaurant

Six simple rules to Follow for eating nutritiously at a fast-food restaurant

Grabbing Starchy foods

When you are at a fast-food restaurant, and if you are health conscious, then you should grab starchy foods. Starch and carbohydrates are very beneficial for the human body.

With each main meal, try to incorporate at least one starchy food. Some people believe starchy meals may cause fatness and may bulk you up, although the carbohydrate they contain contains less than half the calories of fat and starch along with the carbohydrates that are best for the human body.

When cooking or serving these items, keep an eye on the fats you use because this is what raises the calorie level – for example, oil on chips, saucy white pasta.

Eat lean meat

Eating lean meat will help you in growing your muscles. Lean meat is very important for the growth of muscles, and lean meat has got protein which is considered to be the main source for the growth of muscles.

Try to avoid fried lean meat. Go for baked chicken, boiled chicken. Fried chicken is not that harmful, but baked, boiled or grilled meat is way healthier than fried ones. Chicken bread, fish, prawns are the best for protein intake. Roasted beef can provide protein as well.

You should know what you are ordering

Fast food, for example, deep-fried chicken, crumps, creamy, crunchy, or au gratin dishes are typically high in calories, saturated fats and salt. The same thing goes with pastas and noodles. You should always keep an eye on the menu, and you should check upon what you are going to order.

Some burger chains have got calories written on the menu. You should grab the burgers with grilled chicken and avoid eating the fried chicken burgers like zinger, etc. Some fast-food chains also offer customizations.

Go for customizations

Whenever you are going in a restaurant, you should ask the waiter about the customizations in the fast. It may help you in choosing the healthiest food items for your meal and may help in you making a perfect meal.

While making customizations, always go for items that are beneficial for health. Do no pick deep-fried ones. With little modifications and replacements, many menu items may be made healthier. For example, you can tell the waiter to replace the deep-fried chicken with a grilled one, or you may ask for a wheat bun for your burger meal or whole-grain sandwich, brown bread, etc.

French fries or health?

Almost every fast-food chain offers French fries along with the burger or nuggets meal. But have you ever thought about how much fat do French fries contains and how unhealthy it can be for you?

Try to pass on the French fries whenever you are in a fast-food chain, and go for an alternative side on. However, you can eat fries once in a blue moon because it contains carbohydrates which is also essential for health.

Eating Salads

Fresh vegetables are very healthy, and fresh salad is the best thing you can get in a fast-food restaurant. Vegetables have got a hell of benefits, and yes, they can be very effective for health.  In Pakistan, Salads are being available in very few fast-food chains.

Some burger chains in Pakistan have got only salad burgers. Whenever you see a salad in a restaurant, you should go for it at first sight because it is the best thing you can get in a fast-food restaurant.


In Pakistan, it is hard to find a fast-food chain along with the calories mentioned on it. But the things mentioned should always be kept in mind whenever you are going in a fast-food restaurant. That is the reason that we are sharing Six simple rules to Follow for eating nutritiously at a fast-food restaurant in Pakistan.

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