Hey! guys we are here with the lakhnavi Lahore menu. The Lakhnavi, the newest addition to Avari Lahore, celebrates a 200-year-old culinary legacy tracing its lineage to the legendary Royal Chefs of the Nawabs of Awadh. In the 18th century, a royal decree was given by the King of Awadh to a master Chef Qureshi to create a wholesome meal for the masses. As the culinary talent of the master Chefs would have it the King was truly mesmerized by the food served to him. He then invited the Chef’s family cooks to cook in his royal kitchens. Two centuries later, the renowned Qureshi brothers, Ashfaque and Irfan, having apprenticed under living legend & arguably best Lakhnavi chef, Imtiaz Qureshi (their father), are behind ‘The Lakhnavi’ at Avari Lahore.

The Lakhnavi Lahore Menu

Each delicacy has been conceptualized and perfected by the duo for Avari Hotel; a pioneer in Lakhnavi cuisine, in Pakistan. The Lakhnavi is Pakistan’s first attempt at a traditional Sub-Continental fine dining restaurant. The bold but gentle flavors and the velvety smooth textures at the Lakhnavi will leave you craving for more; whilst the ‘tehzeeb’ and ‘nazakat’ illustrated by our staff transports you to an era bygone. When we think of the life and the times of Nawabs, we tend to imagine the palatial and grandiose monuments, the extravagant lifestyles. The imagery is incomplete without paan. Pan enveloped in silver leaf at The Lakhnavi.

The Lakhnavi Lahore menu

Lakhnavi Lahore complete Menu:

The richness of Lakhnavi cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also in the ingredients used like Mutton, Paneer, and rich spices including cardamom and saffron. More flavor, more spice, more variety at The Lakhnavi. Try the perfectly portioned Thaalis, light-as-feather, in meat or vegetarian selections for a royal touch in the heart of Lahore. Now check The Lakhnavi Lahore Menu.


The Lakhnavi Lahore Menu Deals:

Try the perfectly The Lakhnavi Lahore Menu Deals portioned Thaalis, in meat or vegetarian selections for a touch of royalty. Cottage cheese cubes in a fiery tomato curry cooked in white butter; flavored with fenugreek & onion.  Master Chef employing the finest ingredients from saffron to exotic herbs – for your journey into an era of unprecedented refinement.

Contact Number:

The complete contact information here, you can order their food at your doorstep.

(042) 111 282 747


If you want to visit physically then this will help you guys.

87 The Mall Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54000

Here you will get the complete information The Lakhnavi Lahore Menu along with the prices. The contact number is also provided here now go ahead and check the taste of the restaurant.




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