Do you know that Tortilla Wraps Are Replacing Shawarma In Pakistan? Foodies from Pakistan love to eat new things and that is the reason they welcome every new cuisine in their culture too. A few years back, there was a huge trend of Shawarma as every restaurant was offering Shawarma to its customers. But now the trend of shawarma has gone and it is replaced by tortilla wraps. Tortilla wrap and Shawarma are similar products and both are originated from Arab countries. The only major difference between these two is their bread. In the below side, we will share some of the reasons that why tortilla wraps have replaced Shawarma and what is difference between these two. So, check the below side to get complete information.

Tortilla Wraps Are Replacing Shawarma In Pakistan

When it comes to Arabs, there is no difference between shawarma and a wrap. They use different types of meat to create a wrap and give it the name of wrap of Shawarma. Their main motive is to eat slowly cooked meat while wrapping it in a tortilla or bread with some fresh vegetables. But in Pakistan, shawarma and wrap are considered two different things. As in wrap, they use flatbread or tortilla whereas in shawarma they use thicker bread. Those who don’t know the difference between tortilla wraps and shawarma can check the complete details from the below side.

Difference between Shawarma and Tortilla Wrap:

Most people even don’t know about the difference between shawarma and tortilla wrap. There is a huge difference between these two. We will share the complete detail of both including Shawarma and Tortilla wrap and will also tell the difference between these two. So, check the details of each product before moving to their major difference.


Shawarma is an Arabic dish in which consists of meat chunks rolled in bread. While making shawarma, the cook cut the meat in thin slices and stacked it in a cone-like shape. They use a burner to roast that meat and then shave the roasted meat to use it in shawarma. It usually prepares with chicken in Pakistan but in Arab it can be prepared with lamb and mutton. If we talk about Pakistani shawarma then they use different spices to marinate the chicken before cooking. After that, they cook chicken properly and then use thicker bread for making shawarma. They also warm the shawarma bread and then spread some spices and mayonnaise and then put the roasted chicken on it. Some shawarma makers use cucumber and carrots in it too. After putting in all the ingredients, they wrap it and serve it for eating.

Tortilla Wraps Are Replacing Shawarma In Pakistan 1


Tortilla Wrap:

Tortilla is basically a thin flatbread that is prepared with wheat flour. If we talk about tortilla wrap then it is also from Arab countries. While making a tortilla, the cook also put meat on a stick to make a cone shape and then uses a burner to roast meat. In Tortilla wrap, they use chicken, lamb, and mutton meat. When the meat is ready, they shave the roasted meat and make little chunks. Now they put some sauces on the tortilla after making it warm and then put those meat chunks on it. In Tortilla wrap, most people use fries too like in Johnny and Jugnu’s wrap, you will find fries too. Whereas, other people use lettuce and olives in it. The tortilla wrap is less spicy than the shawarma and that is the reason most of the people are now shifting to wraps. The major differences in both are as follows.

Tortilla Wraps Are Replacing Shawarma In Pakistan

Tortilla Wrap Shawarma
1)      In Tortilla Wrap, the bread is thin and flat

2)      In wraps, the simple tortilla bread is used

3)      Tortilla is made from simple wheat flour

4)      In Tortilla wrap, some people use fries too

5)      Wraps are usually less spicy

6)      You can choose from different sauces

1)      In Shawarma, the bread is thick

2)      In Shawarma, they use pita bread

3)      Pita bread is also made from wheat flour but they use yeast to make it fluffy

4)      In Shawarma, they don’t use fries

5)      Shawarma is spicy than wraps

6)      There is only 1 sauce option in Shawarma

These are the major differences between Shawarma and tortilla Wrap. Both have different tastes and people love to eat both as per their taste.

Why Tortilla Wrap is Replacing Shawarma?

There was a time when people love to eat shawarma but with the passage of time different wraps took the place of Shawarma. There are many reasons behind this replacement as most of the people want to enjoy meat taste but when they order shawarma the taste of the meat cannot be enjoyed due to its spices. Furthermore, people are now moving from spicy to non-spicy products, as tortilla wrap is less spicy that is why people are considering tortilla wrap instead of Shawarma in Pakistan. If some is not liking something for himself then how it is possible that he’ll order that thing for his family? So, the new generation is far away from the taste of shawarma as they only eat tortilla wraps. Furthermore, tortilla wraps are new in Pakistan so everyone is willing to try this new product at least once.

So, if you were looking for the answer that why Tortilla Wraps Are Replacing Shawarma In Pakistan then the reasons are as above. There may be thousands of other reasons that are not mentioned here. You can also share your point of view in the comment section and we will surely share it with others too.

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