The restaurant business is one of the toughest businesses in the world due to increasing competition day by day. Every new day, a new competitor enters the market. It has become difficult for restaurants to survive with a variety of cuisines. People love to eat the specialty of a restaurant and they specifically choose restaurants on the basis of cuisines. In the race of being successful, now restaurants are focusing on quality instead of quantity of cuisines. Which results in a limited menu.

Why 5 Star Restaurants Offer Limited Menu

The answer to the question, why 5-star restaurants offer a limited menu to their customers? Is very simple. Even a 5-star restaurant has the potential to introduce more dishes but still, they keep their menu short because they know a short menu can help to boost their business. There are several benefits that you can get by keeping your menu short. So check 5 reasons why you should make your menu simple and short.

Why 5 Star Restaurants Offer Limited Menu

Brand Identity:

The menu is associated with the identity of the restaurant. It tells your customers what you are selling or what you are good for. Further, it helps your customers to choose exactly what they are looking for. For example, if your restaurant is limited to Chinese cuisine and all customers who are looking for Chinese food will surely choose your restaurant. On the other hand, if you have limited Chinese options than the customer will prefer some other restaurant for food because he/ she will think that you do not specialize in Chinese cuisine.

Quality Maintenance:

When your restaurant has a limited menu then it is easy for you to maintain the quality of the food. In case, if you are offering a variety of dishes then it is possible that you may not be as good at maintaining quality as you can do with a limited menu. Further, it will stretch your chef and it will reflect that you are focusing on quantity over quality.

Maximum ROI:

Every business wants to get more returns on their investment. A limited menu can boost your Return on investment. Nowadays, people want to customize their food. When you have a limited menu then you can give better customization options to your customers. This customization can give you more attention than your competitor and you can target more customers.

Psychological Effect:

According to psychological research, when you gave too many options to your customers then you are baffling them and confusing them in choosing what they want. This thing results in a limited order of food. But when you have a limited menu then you are helping your customers to make their decision easily and in this way, they can order more food. According to research, a fast food restaurant must not offer more than 6 items.

Lesser Food Cost:

When you are offering a limited menu then you also need a limited type of inventory and raw material. You can save your inventory cost that can incur a vast menu. Asides this, you can also do a better deal with vendors because you are ordering the same inventory on regular basis.

You can avoid expenses by offering a limited menu to your customers and can increase return on investment. Further, you are helping your customers in deciding what they actually want to eat. In this way, you can also encourage your customers to order more and more food which is a good way of generating profit. When you have a limited number of choices then you can make them better and better. By improving the quality of the food, you can make your restaurant popular among your competitors. Asides this, you can get many other benefits which are not mentioned in the post. In the end, I’ll suggest you keep your menu short if you want to make your restaurant successful.

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