Seashore, cool breeze, sunset view, and your favorite person. If this is your dream, then you can visit do Darya Karachi. Usually, foreigners when they visit Karachi ask Why Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi worth visiting? The answer is simple because this is the place where you can spend your evening with your beloved ones. As you know Karachi is the only city with the seashore. People from all across the country love to visit this city for its beautiful beaches. There is a great number of beaches where you can visit but the most beautiful place is Do Darya. This place is one of the best places for food, ambiance, fun, enjoyment, and entertainment. Your trip to Karachi would be incomplete if you miss this place in any case. Likewise, if you have visited Do Darya but haven’t visited the do Darya restaurants then your trip is also incomplete.

Why Do Darya Restaurants In Karachi Worth To Visit

These restaurants on the seashore are best for their open-air environment. You can experience the best food under the moonlight with a cool breeze. If you want to visit these restaurants then it is recommended to visit during sunset so that you can also see the view of sunset too. There are several reasons that why you should visit do Darya restaurants in Karachi.

Why Do Darya Restaurants In Karachi Worth To Visit

Why Visit Do Darya Restaurants:

If you are looking for the answer that why to visit do Darya restaurants then the answer is very simple that you can do dream dinner at this place. These places are best for newly married couples and lovebirds. These are the reasons that you must have to visit do Darya restaurants.

Dinner with Sunset View:

You can experience a sunset view while eating dinner with your favorite person. This view can only be possible at the seashore and you know the best seashore is on do Darya Karachi. There are many restaurants that are offering an open environment where you can sit and see live sunset. One of the best places for Dinner is Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant.

Open Sitting on Seashore:

Every restaurant offers indoor sittings but restaurants on do Darya offer open sitting on the seashore for dinner. In winter, you can also visit during the day time but in summer you can visit during the night to experience the great ambiance. If you don’t like open sitting then you must know that they also have indoor sitting too. For open sitting on the seashore, you can visit Sajjad Restaurant Do Darya.

Cruise Ride:

This is one of the topmost reasons that you should visit do Darya restaurants in Karachi because most of the restaurants are offering cruise rides for dinner. Yes, it is possible in Karachi that you can eat dinner in the middle of the sea on a boat. To experience this royal service, you can visit do Darya restaurants.

Cruise ride in Karachi

Movie after Dinner:

In this place, you can also watch a movie at Universal cinema Karachi Do Darya after enjoying your dinner at any best restaurant. You can do visit Al Habib Do Darya Restaurant for dinner and after that plan for the movie as such a beautiful place.

Variety of Cuisines:

You can also experience a variety of cuisines at Do Darya restaurants as there is a number of restaurants on this seashore. If you want to eat Chinese then yes there are Chinese restaurants. Likewise, you can visit the Afridi Inn Do Darya restaurant for Afghani cuisine.

Party on Sea View:

You can also plan parties like birthday parties on sea view with your friends and family members. This is the best way to make your events memorable. So, this time you must have to plan your birthday on any of these restaurants on do Darya instead of any other restaurant in Karachi.

Hi-Tea and Buffet:

These restaurants are also offering Hi-tea, lunch buffet, and dinner buffet to their beloved customers. So if you are planning for a buffet then these places would be your first choice. Because you can get great food in a great environment.

Best Dinner Point for newly Married couples:

If you have recently got marriage then you must have to visit these restaurants in Karachi. These are the best dinner point for newly married couples in Karachi. Do Darya is a very attractive place and these restaurants increase the beauty of this place. You must have to plan with your beloved spouse to visit and enjoy a great meal with great ambiance. She will surely love this thing and will surely appreciate you for your efforts.

List of Restaurants on Do Darya:

If you are looking for the other restaurants on Do Darya then you must have to check the below list. In this list, you will find all restaurants which are operating on Do Darya Karachi. You can also decide by checking these restaurants before visiting this place. Here is the complete list of restaurants on Do Darya Karachi.

  • Charcoal BBQ n Grill
  • Kababjees
  • Afridi Inn Restaurant
  • Sajjad Restaurant
  • Kolachi Do Darya
  • Al Habib Restaurant
  • Do Darya
  • Noorani Katakat
  • Forsters House of Grill
  • Al Rehmat BBQ
  • Ambala Corniche
  • Desi Hut
  • Café Echies
  • And many more.

You can see there is a number of famous food brands are located in this place. If you want to visit any of the restaurants then you can also get their menu with price detail from this website. Just open the main page of this website and search for the menu of your favorite restaurant.

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