Here you will come to know about Ziafat BBQ Ramadan Deals and much more. An outlet of Ziafat Restaurant which is Lahore’s most-loved buffet restaurant since 1997. This restaurant offers an authentic taste of Desi food in the ambiance of a fine dining lounge. Bringing together family and friends over a rich menu. From here you will get Desi Breakfast like Halwa Puri, Nihari, and Paya along with BBQ. So guys here you will come to know about how you can enjoy the food in the month of Ramadan. When you have no mood to cook food at home then you can visit this restaurant to enjoy the taste with your partner.

Ziafat BBQ Ramadan Deals

Ziafat Barbecue wants to celebrate the month of Ramadan with all of you. A very safe and blessed Ramadan Kareem is waiting for you. Enjoy the blessings of Ramadan and open your fast with the healthy yet filling Iftar deals. All the details of the deals are mentioned here on the below side. When you have many options in front of you but have no idea from where you can get the best deals. Then Ziafat BBQ is one of the best restaurants.

Ziafat BBQ Sehri Deals:

There are many food items available that you can eat in the Sehri time from the restaurant. but this place has no special Sehri deals for the customers.

Ziafat BBQ Iftar Deals:

So talking about the Iftar deals, all of you can enjoy the Iftar platters from here. not only the platter but you can also get the best deals from here. The taste of this place is really very unique so you will love to spend the time here.

Ziafat BBQ Ramadan Deals

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Here is the best possible information related to Ziafat BBQ Ramadan Deals. So guys here are the details about the Sehri and the Iftar deals and also the platters. If you want some more information you can ask in the comment section.

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