There are several Restaurants You Should Never Visit in Lahore but we have highlighted only five of these restaurants. There are several reasons that you must stop visiting these five restaurants until they resolve these reasons. Most of these restaurants are charging very high prices for their low-quality food. Their food quality even not defend their prices. Furthermore, some of these restaurants are not ensuring hygienic food which is also one of the biggest reasons that you must not visit these places in Lahore. There are also many other reasons, like some of these restaurants are just using the names of some famous brands which is ethically and legally wrong.

Five Restaurants You Should Never Visit in Lahore

The below-given list is prepared by our researchers who collected the results from the sample of 200 Foodies from Lahore. So, let’s have a look at the below list to find which restaurant you should avoid in Lahore for dine-in.

List of Restaurants That You Must Avoid in Lahore:

Here is the complete list of the restaurants that you must avoid in Lahore for dine-in. We have also shared the opinion of our sample group that why we should not visit these places.

Namak Restaurant Faisal Town:

The Namak Restaurant Faisal Town is one of those few restaurants in Lahore which are offering normal quality food in very high rates. If we compare their rates with other similar restaurants then we will not recommend this place to visit in Lahore. On the below side, we are sharing the results of our research.

Namak Restaurant Faisal Town

Sample Size: 200

Over Priced: 140

Moderate: 48

Economical: 12

 Muhammadi Nihari DHA (Walton):

We sent 200 foodies to Muhammadi Nihari Defense mor Branch and the result of our research is an absolute No. There are several reasons behind this No and one of the biggest reasons is high prices. Here are the results of our short survey.

Restaurants You Should Never Visit in Lahore

Sample Size: 200

Over Priced: 180

Moderate: 16

Economical: 4

Cooco’s Den Food Street:

No doubt Cooco’s den is providing a very great environment and view but still, it is charging very high prices as compared to its neighbor restaurants. So, we will never recommend you this place because they are charging very high prices for their food.

Coocos Den Lahore Photos 2

Sample Size: 50

Over Priced: 39

Moderate: 10

Economical: 1

Pizza Hut:

This is one of the pioneer restaurants for pizza but nowadays this place is serving one of the worst pizzas in Town. You must avoid this place as there are thousands of other pizza options in Lahore where you can visit and enjoy the real taste of Pizza.

Sample Size: 80

Over Priced: 53

Moderate: 20

Economical: 7

X2 Cafe:

When it comes to a good environment then you must visit X2 café but if you are visiting for the best food then you must avoid this place. There are many other options that you can consider for dine-in where you can get both the good taste and environment.

Sample Size: 200

Over Priced: 157

Moderate: 40

Economical: 3

So, if you are looking for the best restaurants in Lahore for dine-in then you must check Five Restaurants You Should Never Visit in Lahore. This list is prepared on the basis of our research. We never promote or criticize any restaurant by ourselves and we only share the customer’s opinion. These results may differ when we change the sample size so there is no need to offend if your favorite restaurant is on this list. You can simply share your honest review through comments and we will surely consider your opinion too. For other restaurants in Lahore, you can visit the main page of this website.

One thought on “Five Restaurants You Should Never Visit in Lahore”
  1. Just want to add in the list of never to visit restaurants. YASIR BROAST Valancia TOWN DEFENSE ROAD LAHORE BRANCH. Very bad tasteless food. Discourteous Branch Manager. Who is not ready to admit any fault. Especially never visit the restaurant for Sunday Breakfast. It’s the worst place to dine for breakfast.

    They overcharge and serve pathetic food and on the top of it try to prove that you are wrong and they have perfect food. Worst restaurant.

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