All of you can now check the Best Iftar Buffet In Peshawar from here. These eateries are offering exceptionally limited arrangements to their clients which are just substantial during the month of Ramadan. The majority of these cafés are additionally offering an extraordinary iftar cum supper to their clients. Along these lines, it is possible that you need to visit the best spot for iftar or Iftar buffet, you can pick any of the underneath-given eateries. These cafés are additionally renowned for their food so that is the reason we have referenced it on this website.

Best Iftar Buffet In Peshawar

In Peshawar, you will get thousands of restaurants that have the best food items in Iftar. Now we have tried to make everything easy for you guys. The best places of Peshawar are now short-listed for the customers. Make sure to check the further details from here or from the main page of this website.

Best Restaurants For Iftar Buffet in Peshawar:

Those who are looking for the best restaurants for Iftar Buffet in Peshawar can check the list of places that are offering the Iftar buffet in Peshawar. People who love to visit such restaurants that offer buffets can check the list of places that are also offering buffets in the month of Ramadan. You can visit to these places for the best iftar in Peshawar.

  1. Shiraz Ronaq Peshawar
  2. Food Punch
  3. Nisar Charsi Namak Mandi
  4. The Green Olive’s Restaurant
  5. Habib Restaurant
  6. Hakkai Restaurant
  7. Usmania Restaurant
  8. Chaaye Khana
  9. Pearl Continental Peshawar

Shiraz Ronaq Peshawar:

Shiraz Ronaq is Pakistan’s Largest Buffet Restaurant from Shiraz Group. All the foodies of Peshawar want to eat something extra even in the month of Ramadan. This place is famous for its tasty food and ambiance. You can get a special discount when you will visit this place with your friends and family members. Now check the Shiraz Ronaq Ramadan Deals from here in the given link.

Shiraz Ronaq Iftar Buffet

Food Punch Restaurant:

In this blessed month of Ramadan, Food Punch brings you an amazing delectable platter serving two persons with a pocket-friendly budget. Platter includes a range of items to fulfill Iftar desires only in RS 699 per head. Food Punch Restaurant is the best place where you will get everything according to your taste.

foodpunch Iftar

Nisar Charsi Tikka Namak Mandi:

When you want the real and the traditional taste of Peshawar, then Nisar Charsi Tikka Namak Mandi is the best place. From here you will get the real taste and also some of the best Iftar deals. In the month of Ramadan, you can make sure your taste buds are blessed and then enjoy the food.

Nisar Charsi Sehri Deals

The Green Olive’s Restaurant:

Although every restaurant is offering the best iftar in Peshawar, when it comes to the best iftar buffet, you can visit The Green Olive’s restaurant Peshawar. This restaurant is offering a special sehri buffet and iftar buffet so that maximum people can visit this place to enjoy their food. You can also visit this place with your family for one of the yummiest sehri in Peshawar.

Green Olives Buffet

Habibi Restaurant:

The Habibi restaurant Peshawar is also welcoming those customers who want to visit for the iftar buffet. This place is offering one of the yummiest Peshawari dishes in the iftar buffet so that people can fast with the best Peshawari food. You can check the details of its Sehri and Iftar buffet and can visit this place to try the yummiest food in Ramadan.

Habibi Restaurant Buffet

Hakkai Restaurant:

The Hakkai restaurant Peshawar is also standing on the list of the best buffets in Peshawar. This place is not only offering regular buffets but also offers a special buffet during the month of Ramadan. People who love to try Hakkai Restaurant Sehri and Iftar Buffet can check the buffet menu from this website.

Usmania Restaurant:

The Usmania restaurant Peshawar is also offering a Sehri and Iftar buffet in the holiest month of Ramadan Karim. People who love to visit restaurants for Sehri can give a try to Usmania Restaurant Iftar Buffet. This place is not only offering the best food in Sehri but also offering special discounts to customers so that maximum people can afford their valuable iftar buffet.

Chaaye Khana:

Chaaye Khana is one of the most famous restaurants not only in Peshawar but all across Pakistan. This restaurant is also offering an Iftar buffet in the month of Ramadan. So, if you want to visit this place then, we will recommend you to check Chaaye Khana Ramadan deals because these deals are the best way of obtaining discounts from this restaurant.

Chaaye Khana Ramadan Deals

Pearl Continental Peshawar:

Pearl Continental or PC Peshawar is not an economical place but if you can afford then, this is a perfect place for an Iftar buffet in Peshawar. The PC Peshawar doesn’t need any justification as its name is enough. They don’t only use their name but also provide quality food to their customers. From taste to hygiene and hygiene to ambiance, they have perfection in everything. You can check Pearl continental Peshawar Ramadan deals from here and can decide about its iftar buffet.

A list of restaurants is shared here about Best Iftar Buffet In Peshawar. So guys if you know some of the other restaurants that offer the best buffet deals in Peshawar then you can surely tell us. We will update the list as soon as possible.

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