Hey guys are you excited to know about Piyali Restaurant Peshawar Menu from here? Piyali is the place to be for everyone who is anyone to be spotted at. The restaurant is stand out with the delish range of flavors and so groovy ambiance. At this place you all guys have to decide what to eat from here. As they have a huge menu card so just chose wisely what is going to order. Behold the Piyali restaurant. Just go to this place and then have the taste of your own choice. See the complete details of the restaurant from here.

Piyali Restaurant Peshawar Menu

What’s better for you guys? Enjoying the Party Platter all by yourself or with your friends and family? Now it is tempting to want it all for yourself, imagining all the delicious and juicy tikkas, chops, and more. But hey, sharing good food with others has a different vibe. So visit Piyali Restaurant for a Party Scene with the Party Platter.

Piyali Restaurant Menu Card:

Now is the time to see the complete menu card. The restaurant is about to launch something so delicious that it’ll leave you feeling fulfilled. Restaurant has all the tasty food for the valued customer. The restaurant has a cool vibe. So, their food item goes phenomenally well with Chai.

Piyali restaurant menu

Piyali Restaurant Platter:

Behold the Piyali Chaska Platter for the customers. Nothing like you have ever had before. Its got three different types of seekh, more seek at the bottom, rice, and much more. Sure to leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied with life. Call up your friends and family because you will be needing their help to finish this meal.

Piyali restaurant platter

Piyali Restaurant Breakfast:

The serving of Piyali Restaurant is enough for 1 person. You will get halwa, channel, aloo, and pickled onions served with 2 pooris. The breakfast is tasted better when you will be at piyali and not as a takeaway order because pooris are best served fresh. Available from 8 am – 11:30 am for all 7days.

Piyali restaurant breakfast

 Piyali Restaurant Images:

Piyali has hit Peshawar with an appetizing bang. They have had an overwhelming response as of yet and hope to serve an experience of a lifetime to all of those who haven’t tried us out yet. See the images of the restaurant from here.

piyali restaurant

Piyali Restaurant Contact Number:

The number of the restaurant is shared here for you guys.

(091) 5822237

Piyali Restaurant Address:

This is the address of the restaurant.

D Chowk, near Shalman park, Phase-2 Hayatabad

Piyali Restaurant Location:

Make sure to see the link to the location from here.

East Junction Peshawar Menu

See the best possible details of Piyali Restaurant Peshawar Menu Prices Location Address Number and much more from here. They have the perfect breakfast options for you guys. Get your partner to this place and then have fun with them. Comment us about the taste of this place.

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