Faisalabad is one of the emerging food hubs of Pakistan. In Faisalabad, people love to eat fast food and in fast food, they like to eat pizza. That is the main reason that we are bringing the list of Best Pizza in Faisalabad. Pizza is an Italian dish but it is also a very popular dish in Pakistan. When it comes to the best Italian food in Pakistan, people always talk about Italian Pizza and pasta. There are thousands of pizza shops in Faisalabad but only a few of them are offering the original recipe of Pizza. Although, the pizza from Italy is different from the Pakistani one still these restaurants are offering the nearest recipes. You can check the list of places that are offering the best Pizza in FSD.

Best Pizza in Faisalabad

People, who love to eat pizza must have to know which is the best pizza place in Faisalabad? We are preparing the list of places that are not only offering the pizza but also offering the best and yummiest pizza in town. So, what are you waiting for? Just check the below-given list and visit your nearest one.

Best Pizza Shops in Faisalabad:

We are sharing the list of Best Pizza Shops in Faisalabad so that you can enjoy the best Pizza in FSD. We are only sharing a limited number of restaurants on the below side. This list is prepared according to the opinion of our beloved readers. If you know any other best Pizza places and want to add to this list then, you can let us know through comments. Currently, check the list of best pizza places in Faisalabad from here. These are the Top 10 Pizza in Faisalabad.

  1. Stone Ove
  2. Forks N Knives
  3. Apple Nine
  4. Sariya’s
  5. 14th Street
  6. Al Maida
  7. Domino’s
  8. White Castle
  9. Chunk N Cheese
  10. Pizza Kitchen

Stone Ove:

One of the finest places for the yummiest Pizza in Faisalabad is Stone Ove Faisalabad. People who love to eat Pizza can visit this place because they are offering the yummiest pizza at very reasonable prices. Apart from this, you can try any of their flavors and you will surely love them.

Stone Ove Restaurant Pictures

Forks N Knives:

Another best place for the yummiest Pizza in FSD is Forks n Knives. The Forks N Knives is one of the best places for Pizza not only in Faisalabad but all across Pakistan. They have branches in every big city in Pakistan. So, if you haven’t tried its pizza then, you have to try it at least once. For more details, you can check Forks N Knives Menu on this website.

Forks n Knives Mumtazabad 4

Apple Nine:

The Apple Nine is a local restaurant that is famous for its Italian dishes, especially pizza and pasta. You can check Apple Nine Menu from here and can decide about your favorite flavors too. This place is also offering a home delivery service that you can avail of by dialing their contact number.

Apple Nine Faisalabad Menu 8

Sariya’s Sip N Bite:

If you are near Kohinoor plaza then, you can visit Sariya’s Sip N Bite because this is one of the best places for Pizza lovers. You can try any of their special pizza and you will surely love their pizza. We are also sharing Sariya’s Sip N Bite Menu for those who want to order pizza from home.

 Midnight Deals in Faisalabad

Sariyas Kohinoor

14th Street Pizza:

The 14th Street Pizza is an international pizza chain which is offering the best pizza all across the world. People from Faisalabad, who are looking for the best pizza experience with their families can visit any of the 14th Street Pizza branches. We are sharing its complete menu that you can check from this website.

14th Street Pizza Multan


Al-Maida is a must-visit place in Faisalabad, especially for those who love to eat pizza. If we talk about their best pizzas then, you can try Al-maida special or can try their crown pizza. This place is also offering kebab crust pizza and much more. For more details about their pizzas, you can check the Al Maida Faisalabad menu from here.

Almaida Restaurant Photos


The Domino’s Faisalabad is also one of those restaurants that are offering the best Pizza in Faisalabad. This is also an international restaurant that has its branches all across the world. In Faisalabad, they also have different branches and you can visit any of their branches and you will never get disappointed.

Dominos Specialty

White Castle:

The White Castle restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is specializing in Italian dishes. You can try their yummiest pizza or can try their pasta, especially creamy pasta. Apart from this, you can check White Castle Menu from here and can decide about your order from this place.

Whites Castle specialty

Chunk N Cheese:

The Chunk N Cheese is a small place but still worthy to visit because of its yummiest range of Pizzas. They have different flavored pizzas and you can order your special flavor. In case, if you want to try their special pizza then, you can freely order because it is also worthy to try.

Chunk N Cheese Restaurant Photosv 2

Pizza Kitchen:

The Pizza Kitchen is also standing on the list of top ten Pizzas in Faisalabad. People who have already visited this place or tried their pizza can tell how tasty their pizzas are. You can also try their special pizzas by visiting this place or by ordering from home.

The Pizza Kitchen Faisalabad Day Deals and Midnight Deals 2

These are the restaurants where you can bring your families to Best Pizza in Faisalabad. All these places are offering the yummiest pizzas and you will surely love them. If you have visited any of these places and want to share your opinion about any place then, you can share through comments. You can also suggest any other best place for Pizza and we will surely update this list. For more restaurants and their menus, you can check the below side.

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