If you are looking for the Sehri Deals in Faisalabad 2024 then you can check from this website. In Faisalabad, there are thousands of restaurants but only a few of them are offering Sehri buffets during the month of Ramadan. We have short-listed the best restaurants that you can visit to make your Sehri special. So, you can simply check the list of these restaurants which is not only offer the Sehri buffet but offer the best buffet in Lailpur. Make sure to check the details from here on the below side.

Sehri Deals In Faisalabad

As you know in Faisalabad, different restaurants are offering Sehri buffets, Sehri, and platters to their customers. If you are interested in visiting a worthy place then check the below-given list below and visit any of the below-given places.

Faisalabad Best Sehri Deals:

People who are interested in checking Faisalabad Best Sehri deals can check the list of restaurants that are offering special discounted deals. The best time to enjoy food in Ramadan is Sehri. There are hundreds of restaurants in Faisalabad that are arranging Sehri but we are only sharing the top 10 restaurants for Sehri in Faisalabad. So, check the below-given list and visit your favorite place for sehri.

1 Vogue Continental Rooftop Sehri Buffet Rs 1395+ Tax
2 Bombay Chowpatty Sehri Buffet Rs 1699+ Tax
3 Marhaba Mahal Sehri Buffet Rs 1445+ Tax
4 Wali Baba Sehri Deal Rs 350+ Tax
5 Chaaye Khana Sehri Deals 40% off on Entire Menu
6 Sky Lounge Sehri Buffet Rs 1599+ Tax
7 Silver Spoon Sehri Buffet Rs 1495+ Tax

 Vogue Continental Rooftop Sehri Buffet:

Enjoy the weather with Vogue Continental Rooftop Sehri buffet in Faisalabad. They are charging one of the most economical prices for their yummiest buffet. So, if you are looking for their prices then, they are charging 1395 plus tax for their Sehri buffet.

Vogue Continental Rooftop Sehri Buffet

Bombay Chowpatty Sehri Buffet:

Bombay Chowpatty is Indian style restaurant that offers a variety of Indian and Pakistani desi dishes. So, if you are interested in eating something desi in Sehri then you have a whole list of desi dishes. Furthermore, if we talk about their prices then, they are charging Rs 1699 plus tax.

Bombay Chowpatty Sehri Buffet

Wali Baba Sehri Deal:

Wali Baba restaurant is offering different Sehri deals for 1 person. Their Sehri deals are starting from Rs 350 plus tax. You can check some of the best Wali Baba Sehri deals in Faisalabad and can visit this place for tasty food in Faisalabad.

Wali Baba Sehri Deal

Sky Lounge:

Lavish sehri buffet and the dinner buffet details are also available at this place. The entire menu card is provided here just for your easiness. You all are now waiting for the entire menu card and also the prices are mentioned on the below side. All of this is just present at Sky Lounge Rooftop.


Sky Lounge Sehri Buffet

Marhaba Mahal:

An ideal place for Sehri and Iftar in Faisalabad is Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad. This place is offering a special Sehri platter for just Rs 549. The purpose of introducing this Sehri platter is to facilitate those customers who are looking for the best Sehri deals in Faisalabad. You can visit this restaurant to avail special discount on Sehri platter.


Marhaba Mahal Sehri Buffet

Salt N Pepper:

When it comes to Best Sehri Buffet In Faisalabad, then you can never ignore Salt N Pepper Faisalabad because this place is also offering the best deals during Ramadan. So, if you are interested to check the detail of its latest deals, then simply check it from this website. We are sharing the complete detail here that you can check easily.


What A Paratha:

In this Ramadan, you will get the opportunity to bless your fasting with tasteful food. This restaurant will cover all the time starting from the sehri to the time of Iftar. They have just chosen the best word for their brand name and now just spreading the cheerful food and the ambiance. Make sure to check the What A Paratha Ramadan deals from here.


Silver Spoon Faisalabad:

If you are looking for the best places to visit for Sehri or want to order discounted food for Sehri then, you can visit Silver Spoon Faisalabad. This place is offering special discounts during the month of Ramadan for Sehri and iftar. So, if you want to check some of the discounts of Silver Spoon Faisalabad then, you can check from the below side.


Silver Spoon Sehri Buffet 2024

Portobello Faisalabad:

The Portobello Restaurant Faisalabad encourages its customers to do sehri and iftar with them. For this, they have introduced special discounts during the holiest month of Ramadan. So, if you want to avail special discount on your Sehri then, this is an ideal place for you. You can check Portobello Ramadan deals from here and can decide about visiting this place.

McDonald’s FSD Sehri Deal:

Mcdonald’s Lailpur is also offering special deals for Sehri and iftar during the month of Ramadan. Those who don’t know about the famous McDonald’s Ramadan deal can check the details of this deal because this deal is valid from Iftar to Sehr. You can avail this deal in Sehri and can make your Sehri special with the yummiest food.


Nawab Restaurant:

The Nawab Restaurant Faisalabad is also offering special discounted deals in the month of Ramadan. No matter, you are visiting this place for sehri or iftar, you will surely get deals and discounts from this restaurant. Apart from their special Ramadan deals, they are also offering other discounts and deals on their regular menu too. You can check Nawab Restaurant Faisalabad Menu from here and can get more details about different deals.


Chainak Restaurant:

The Chainak restaurant Faisalabad is an ideal place for foodies of Faisalabad. This place is not only offering the yummiest food but also offering the best deals too. You can visit this place for Sehri and can avail of special discounts as they have different deals and discounts for Sehri and Iftar in Faisalabad.

KFC Faisalabad Sehri Deals:

Those who are looking for the best sehri deals can check KFC Faisalabad Sehri deals from here. This place has introduced special deals during the month of Ramadan which is valid from Iftar till sehr. So, if you want to eat KFC in Sehri then, you can avail some of the best KFC Ramadan deals from KFC.


KFC Ramadan Deal 2024

Broadway Faisalabad Sehri Deals:

The Broadway Pizza Faisalabad is also winning the heart of foodies as they have introduced a special deal for sehri and iftar. You can avail special discount on your favorite pizza from broadway pizza by ordering their special Broadway Pizza Ramadan Deals. They are not only offering a single Ramadan deal but have different deals for different customers.


GodFather Sehri Deals:

The GodFather burgers Faisalabad are also offering different deals to its customers for Sehri and Iftar. Those who are interested to eat burgers from this eatery can check its special Ramadan deals and can avail special food on the yummiest burgers in Faisalabad. For more details, you can check Godfather Faisalabad Ramadan Deals.


Best Iftar Buffet In Faisalabad

From here you will come to know about Sehri Deals in Faisalabad. We have tried to share the best possible places that have the best deals for the customers. Just try to check the details of other restaurants on the website.

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