Diwan Rooftop Faisalabad We are sharing the complete details of Best Sajji In Faisalabad. So, if you are a food lover then you must eat Sajji in Faisalabad. You can visit any of these places to try the yummiest sajji item. Some of these are offering this rice and chicken item at low prices while others are charging premium charges. There are many sajji places in Faisalabad. If you want to check complete details then, you can check the below side. We have shared the complete details of the best places in Faisalabad that offer sajji than you can check from the below side.

Best Sajji In Faisalabad

A dish originated from Balochistan prepared with rice and chicken. Usually, this sajji is prepared with the whole lamb but can be modified with the chicken piece. So if you also want to eat the best sajji then make sure to see the complete details from the below side.

Sajji In Faisalabad:

So, are you excited to check the list of Sajji in Faisalabad, if yes, then, you can check the complete list from the below side? We have shared the details of the best sajji in town. This list is not prepared by us but based on the reviews of customers who love to eat sajji on regular basis. So, have a look at the below-given list.

Ahmad Balochi Sajji:

On Susan Road Faisalabad, different restaurants are offering Sajji but when it comes to best sajji then no one can beat Ahmad Balochi Sajji in taste. This place has skilled chefs from Balochistan who makes the sajji juiciest and yummiest in town. So, if you want to check their complete or prices then you can get the details from here.

Ahmad Balochi Sajji Faisalabad

Nawab Restaurant:

They are serving Pakistani Foods, Chinese Foods, BBQ, Sweets, and Ice cream. The booking is also started for a wedding. If you guys want to do a wonderful wedding then make sure to advance book the hall.  Have a look at the menu of Nawab Restaurant, tempting dishes will make your mouth water.

Nawab tikka house

Baba Tikka Kohinoor:

Baba Tikka Kohinoor is famous for its Barbecue but people visit this restaurant for Karahi and other Desi food. You can also visit this restaurant if you are a BBQ lover. People from all across the country visit this restaurant because it is not only famous in Faisalabad but also in Pakistan.

Baba Tikka

Diwan Rooftop Faisalabad

Let’s have a look at the complete details of Best Sajji In Faisalabad. A complete list of customers’ favorite sajji is shared here. Now you can also share your reviews in the comment section.

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