It becomes boring to cut a cake on a birthday. Now a new trend has set to cut a new style cake called burger cake on your special days. Yes, you have heard it right now we will only talk about the Burger Cake In Pakistan. Make your special day funny and memorable by cutting the burger cake with your gang of friends. It will feel like a charming and cool personality who celebrates his/her birthday in a new way. When it comes to word satisfaction then Burger Lab will never disappoint their customers. A few restaurants just offer this kind of birthday cake. Oh, My Grill will also do this great job to make your day special.

Burger Cake In Pakistan

When it comes to a unique thing then there are a few places that will help you to get those tasty items that you have a dream of once. Now we will talk only about Burger lab and Oh My grill because they will make your dream comes true. Yes, we are talking about burger cake. This is not a sweet one like a theme cake. It is a pure big gigantic beef burger. That will bring water to your mouth whenever you will see it.

Burger Cake Restaurants:

Here you will get the details about the places that offer burger cake. In Pakistan currently, two restaurants offer such kinds of burgers. Using burger bun salad some required sausages and a lot of beef will make this tasty Burger Cake.

  • Burger Lab
  • Oh My Grill

Burger Lab:

The time has come, Celebrations have been reinvented. Now Burger lab is just introducing the all-new Burger Cake. A Giant 750 gm smashed patty topped with Cheddar Cheese, Pepperoni, Pickles, JalapeƱos, Onions Rings, Iceberg Lettuce and Fiery Hot Mayo, weighted at approximately 1kg. Served with a large serving of fries in only Rs. 3000. The Boss flavor is also available. For booking, you need to call them and the numbers of Burger Lab are just shared here.

burger cake

Oh, My Grill:

The grill makes sure that every bite you take is OMG good. That’s why they’re doing an upgrade on their burgers category. Get your Omg burger cake whenever you want for a truly Omg good birthday celebration. Further details of this restaurant and the cake is provided on the Oh My Grill, just click on the link.

OMG specialty

Hafiz Mustafa Baklava in Lahore

So here you will come to know about the details of Burger Cake In Pakistan. A new introduction of cake in the list. You just have to see the details from here. We have also shared some other details on the main page of the website.

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