Do you know how many pizza flavors are being served in Pakistan? If not then, you can check Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan with pictures. As you know Pizza is one of the most loved dishes by Pakistanis. Almost every Pakistani eat pizza once in every three months. In cities, they eat pizza every third day but still, most people haven’t tried all pizza types. Some of them only know about two or three pizza flavors and they always stick to them. We have decided to share all flavors of Pizza in Pakistan with their pictures so that you can recognize all the pizza flavors in Pakistan.

Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan

Pizza is originated in Italy and became popular all across the world including Pakistan. Pakistani eat Pizza as a snack, lunch, and dinner. It has different flavors and if you don’t know about its flavors then you can check the complete list of flavors with pictures from here.

Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan With Pictures:

In Pakistan, there are dozens of flavors but only two to three are famous. You can check Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan with pictures from here and can decide either to try a new flavor or not? So, have a look at the below-given list and check their complete details too.

  • Chicken Fajita
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Cheesy Pizza
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Fajita Sicilian
  • BBQ Pizza
  • Pepperoni
  • Peri-peri
  • Malai Boti
  • Chicken Supreme
  • Hot& Spicy
  • Afghani Tikka

Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan With Pictures

Chicken Fajita Pizza:

One of the most common pizzas in Pakistan is Chicken Fajita Pizza. Chicken Fajita Pizza is made of chicken, peppers, onion, and cheese. So, if you are interested in common flavored pizza then, you can eat this pizza.

Chicken Tikka Pizza:

In Chicken Tikka Pizza, the flavor of chicken is different that makes it unique from other types of Pizza. First, you need to make a BBQ of chicken and then use cheese, olives, capsicum, and onions to make a perfect Tikka pizza.

Cheesy Pizza or Cheese Lover:

In cheese lover pizza, you will find Alfredo sauce and three different types of cheese. There is no other ingredient in this pizza. You can check its pictures from the below side.

Veggie Pizza:

Some people do not like to eat chicken or beef even in Pizza. Those types of people can eat veggie pizza which is made with a variety of vegetables and cheese. You can try this pizza as this is one of the best pizza flavors in Pakistan.

Malai Boti Pizza:

The Malai Boti pizza is originated from Pakistan as Pakistani love to eat Malai Boti in Pakistan. This pizza is similar to Chicken Tikka Pizza but they marinate chicken with Malai or cream. Furthermore, this flavor is not as spicy as chicken Tikka.

BBQ Pizza:

BBQ and Tikka Pizzas are not the same as most people consider it the same. In BBQ pizza, they add BBQ sauce while in Tikka pizza there is no BBQ sauce that makes these two different. So, if you love to eat BBQ sauce then, this pizza is for you otherwise you can go for Tikka flavor.

Pepperoni Pizza:

In Pepperoni pizza, they add slices of pepperoni instead of other chicken or beef toppings. So, if you love to eat pepperoni then you can try special pepperoni pizza.

Afghani Tikka:

The Afghani Tikka Pizza is also one of the most loved pizza flavors in Pakistan. This pizza flavor is similar to Tikka pizza but the taste is totally different from the original Chicken Tikka Pizza.

Peri-Peri Pizza:

The Peri Peri sauce makes Peri Peri Pizza different from other flavors of pizza. You can try this pizza if you love to eat Peri-peri sauce with pizza.

This is the complete detail of Pizza Flavours Name in Pakistan with pictures. You can check the pictures from the above side. We have also shared the list of best pizza places in Pakistan that you can check from the main page of this website.

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