True burger lovers will surely fall in love after trying something from Burger Lab Faisalabad Menu. After the Huge success of Burger Lab in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, and other cities, now it is also serving in Faisalabad too. This is one of the fastest-growing fast-food chains in Pakistan which is offering the best quality American Smashed burgers. So, if you are also a burger lover and want to try one of the best burgers in Faisalabad then you can visit this place. This place is located in Lyallpur Galleria on Canal Road Faisalabad. So, if you are visiting for the first time then you can check its exact location on Map or can simply follow the directions. For further details, you can scroll down.

Burger Lab Faisalabad Menu

Burger Lab Faisalabad is one of the best places to visit for true American smashed burgers. This place is offering a variety of chicken and beef burgers with a variety of sauces that make these burgers the most scrumptious burgers in Faisalabad. So, if you want to check its prices then check from the below side.

Burger Lab FSD Menu:

This place is offering a variety of burgers, Fries, and much more. If you are interested to check the complete Burger Lab FSD Menu with prices then you need to check the below-given menu cards. We have shared their latest menu with prices that you can check from here.

New Arrival

New Chicago Melt Beef RS 595
New Chicago Melt Chicken RS 595
New Chicago Fries RS 499

Beef Burgers

New Chicago Melt Beef RS 595
Labs Original RS 450
Old School RS 450
Nuker Beef RS 450
The Boss RS 600
Big Bang RS 600
All American Double Cheese Burger RS 600
Nuker Beef Burger Double RS 610
The Boss Double RS 690
Big Bang Double RS 690
Quadra Reloaded RS 895

Chicken Burgers

New Chicago Melt Chicken Rs 595
Dynamite RS 299
FireHouse RS 500
BBQ Flip Grilled RS 500
Spicy Grenade RS 550
BBQ Flip Fried RS 500
Nuker Chicken RS 610
The Mighty Flip RS 610
The Doppler RS 640

All Star Fried Chicken

Spicy 3 Pieces RS 425
Classic 3 Pieces RS 425

Korean All Star Fried Chicken

2 Pieces with Potato Bun RS 545


Fries RS 130
New Chicago Fries RS 499
Animal Fries RS 499
Gourmet Fries RS 270


Nuggets 6 Pieces RS 220

Ice Cream Shakes

Choco Oreo Shake RS 320
Cookies N Cream Shake RS 320
Chocolate Shake RS 320

Burger Lab Faisalabad Menu


This place offers different deals, like if you order from their website then you can say up to 45%. Likewise, they have family deals, single deals, and couple deals too. During PSL, they have PSL Special deals that you can enjoy by order from APP, or website.

Online Exclusive Deal

Any 2 Items RS 595

PSL Deals

PSL Combo 1 Chicken ( Chicago Melt + 345ML Drink) RS 545
PSL Combo 1 Beef (Chicago Melt + 345ML Drink) RS 545
PSL Combo 2 (2 Firehouse+ 1 large fries+ 500 ML drink) RS 895

Customer Choice

Deal 1 ( Firehouse+ Drink) RS 399
Deal 2 (Nuker beef+ Drink) RS 499
Deal 2 Chicken ( Nuker+ Drink) RS 499

Family Deals

Family pack 1 ( 2 Fire House, 2 Dynamite, 1 Animal Fries, 1 Litre Drink) RS 1599
Family pack 2 ( 4 Fire House, 4 Pcs Fried Chicken, 2 Large Fries, 1 Litre Drink) RS 2099

Burger Lab Faisalabad Deals


Those who are looking for Burger Lab Faisalabad specialty can try their special beef burgers. When it comes to the best Burger Lab burger then you can try The Doppler, Quadra Reloaded, and The Boss. The Doppler is for chicken lovers while the other two are for beef lovers.

Burger Lab Faisalabad Specialty

Contact Number:

Burger Lab Faisalabad Contact number for home delivery is as follows.



This place is located in Lyallpur Galleria and here is the complete address of this place.

44 Fahad Street, Saeed Colony No 2, East, W Canal Rd, Faisalabad


Here is the pin location of this place.

Dr Saucy Faisalabad Menu

Those who have any questions related to Burger Lab Faisalabad Menu can ask through comments. We have also shared other places that you can check by scrolling down.

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