People love to eat fast food and when it comes to the best fast food they always prefer to eat burgers. In Pakistan, the trend of hamburgers and grilled burgers is rising day by day. People love to try new places but sometimes their experience of trying a new brand became worst. It is not the restaurant’s fault but it’s you who didn’t order properly. Today, we will share some common mistakes that people do while choosing a burger in Pakistan. So, if you are also a burger lover then you need to avoid these mistakes.

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Choosing a Burger in Pakistan

A burger experience can be worst if you didn’t order perfectly. Especially when it comes to international brands like McDonald’s, KFC, etc, they always show something and provide something else. So, next time it is your responsibility to order properly so your experience became a good experience and you will never regret your decision. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid the worst burger experience in Pakistan.

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I Want a Burger as Per Picture:

Whenever you visit any international brand like McDonald’s, KFC, or any other if you order normally then they will not provide your dream burger. So, to avoid this situation, you need to tell the order taker that you want a burger as per the picture else wise you will not receive your order. Now it becomes the restaurant’s responsibility to provide the same burger as they showed in pictures.

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Choosing a Burger in Pakistan

Always Ask the Ingredients:

When it comes to burgers, most of the brands are only mentioning a unique burger name on their menu and don’t provide details. So, when you are ordering a burger, you need to ask for the ingredients that you will get in that burger. In Case if you don’t like to eat Onions in your burger but you ordered blindly by not asking the ingredients then you will surely regret your decision. Further. If you ask them about the ingredients then you can ask them to not add that ingredient that you don’t like to eat.

Compare The Price:

Most of the time it happens that a burger bar has two different variants of a burger. For example, a well-known restaurant in Pakistan has Chicken grilled burgers and double grilled burgers. Both burgers are the same but the Chicken grill burger costs RS 350 while the Double grilled burger price is RS 550. If you check their menu then you will find that they have the option of the add-on in which you can get one extra grilled chicken piece in just RS 120. So, typically if you ask to add a chicken piece to your burger then the price of your burger will become 470 which is less than 550. So, always order wisely and on this point, I will again repeat that you can only compare the prices if you have asked about the ingredients of your burger.

Make Your Own Deal:

Most of the restaurants in Pakistan have different deals for their customers. When you compare their deals with burger prices then you will notice that these deals are cheap. Nothing is free in this world and you need to pay for what you are getting. So, when you order a deal, you need to know that you will compromise on the quality and quantity of your burger because they are working for profit. So, the best way to avoid this situation is to make your own deal. If they are offering fries and drink with them then you can order fries and drink with your burger and in this way, you can ask them to not compromise the quality and quantity of the burger.

Choose Sauce Wisely:

Famous restaurants of Pakistan have options for their customers to choose their sauce. They have different sauces like Chipotle, garlic, mastered sauce, and much more. So, if you don’t know which sauce is best then you can ask the waiter to define sauce from spicy to non-spicy. For example, if they have Chipotle and Mastered sauce then their chipotle will be spicy and mastered will be non-spicy. So, choose a perfect sauce as per your taste.

Order Extra Sauce:

Sometimes restaurants don’t give free sauces with burgers and burgers became dry. Check the menu of the restaurant and if they are offering separate sauces then you need to order at least one sauce to avoid a dry burger. Sauces can also increase the taste of your burger. So, if you really want to enjoy your meal then order a sauce wisely.

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There are also many other mistakes that we mostly do while ordering a burger in Pakistan. So, if you really want to enjoy your meal then don’t make these mistakes while choosing a burger in Pakistan. If you are paying prices then it is your right to ask for what you are getting in return. If your burger is not as they explained then you must ask the manager to make it accordingly else wise you will not pay for it.

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