People who are visiting Lahore for the first time can check Five Must Try Restaurants in Lahore. Although every restaurant is special in Lahore still most people want to visit a few of these places. There may be thousands of reasons but the main reasons are lack of enough time to explore Lahore. We have decided to shortlist five must-try restaurants so that you can save time. On the below side, you will find a list of places where you can visit Lahore to try some of the best food in town. So, don’t waste your time and check the below-given list.

Five Must Try Restaurants in Lahore

We are sharing only five restaurants according to different categories that you must have to visit in Lahore. So, if you are new to Lahore and want to explore Lahore then, these five places are best to visit in Lahore.

Five Restaurants to visit in Lahore:

These are the five restaurants to visit in Lahore if you are new to Lahore and want to explore Lahore. This list is prepared on the basis of people’s recommendations and has no concern with the best restaurants in Lahore. We are only sharing this list so that a person can enjoy at least five places in a single day. So, let’s start with breakfast.

Breakfast at Phajja Siri Paye:

Your visit to Lahore is incomplete if you haven’t tried Phajja Siri Paye in Lahore. This is one of the best breakfasts in Lahore. People who love to eat desi food can visit this place and can try their special range of desi breakfasts. They have mutton paye, mutton brain, and much more for their customers. So, those who want to check Phajja Siri Paye Menu with prices can check its complete menu from this website.

Phajja Siri Paye Specialty

Lunch at Khan Baba Restaurant:

When it comes to the gems of Lahore, Khan Baba restaurant always stands on the list of top restaurants. People love to visit this place because they have the yummiest food in town. Although every dish of this place is famous there are two must-try dishes of this place including their special Desi Ghee Karahi and mutton Nan. You can check the complete Khan Baba Lahore Menu and can decide what to eat from this place.

Khan Baba Lahore

Biryani from Waqas Biryani:

People who love to eat biryani as a snack can visit Hall Road Lahore to try special biryani from Waqas Biryani Hall Road Lahore. You may get disappointed with this place as this is pulao but if we talk about the taste then, you will surely love to eat. They have a very unique taste of chicken rice that you never find from anywhere in Pakistan.

Waqas Biryani Hall Road Lahore Specialty

Hi-Tea at Spice Bazaar:

People who love to do hi-tea buffets can visit Spice bazaar Lahore to try their special hi-tea. There are different restaurants that are offering one of the best hi-tea in Lahore but we will recommend you to try Spice Bazaar. This place is offering the yummiest food with an elegant ambiance. So, if you want to try this place then, we will recommend you to check Spice Bazaar Lahore Menu from here.

Spice Bazaar DHA

Tea at Karak Khel Lahore:

You can end your day in Lahore by visiting Karak Khel restaurant Lahore with a cup of Angara tea. This place offers live music usually live Qawali which is a great way of ending your day. So, check the environment and other details of this place from Karak Khel Lahore Menu.

Karak Khel Lahore Speciality

This is the detail of Five Must Try Restaurants in Lahore for those who are visiting Lahore for the first time. You can explore these five places in a day and you will surely enjoy your presence in Lahore. So, if you want to know more about Lahore’s restaurants then, you can visit the main page of this website.

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