Hey, guys check out the green olives Peshawar menu. The Green Olives Marquee and Banquet Hall provides catering, special lights, decoration, music system, and much more. They take care of most of the things that you have to arrange separately. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Peshawar to arrange your wedding and other parties then this is one of the most decent options. All the people who visit once this place know that this is the place of taste quality and class.

Green Olives Peshawar Menu

On the off chance that you all once visit the Green Olives, of course, you will need to go there. Normally individuals visit there for photo-shoot. So on our recommendation proceed to check the menu of the restaurant. The enthusiastically suggested food thing is their Peshawar food. At the point when you visit there to attempt and check their best food things. You can likewise arrange the food at your doorstep. So look down and check the contact number.

Green Olives Restaurant Menu:

Don’t miss this delicious biryani from our Desi corner. Expect the best Menu for you. They have a lot of food according to your taste. They have many drinks and desserts for you. Check the prices of food items from the menu and decide what you want to eat.

Green Olives Restaurant Menu 1 Green Olives Restaurant Menu 2 Green Olives Restaurant Menu 3 Green Olives Restaurant Menu 4 Green Olives Restaurant Menu 5 Green Olives Restaurant Menu

Green Olives Hi-Tea Menu Card:

The menu for Hi-tea is here so you guys can expect the best from Green Olives Peshawar menu. The Hi-tea menu card is shared below and the prices along with the timing are also shared with you. Per-head 750rs and the timings are 3:30 to 6:30 pm.

Green Olives Hi-Tea Menu Card

Green Olives Restaurant Lunch Buffet:

How about ending the week off on a yummy note with our special grilled fish. Nothing is more motivating than to brighten up your day with our delicious meals.

Green Olives Restaurant Lunch Buffet

Green Olives Peshawar Contact Number:

Now check Green Olives Peshawar Contact Number. Order the food at your step door.

(091) 5272136

Green Olives Restaurant Address:

The complete address of the Green Olives Restaurant address is here.

Green Olive Restaurant Near Garrison Park Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan-25000

Cone Heads Peshawar Menu with Prices

Here is the best possible information about Green Olives Peshawar Menu along with the prices and the contact number. Now for other restaurants stay with us and check this website off and on. Comment us the reviews of this restaurant that will really be helpful for others.

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