Hey guys we are back with the Habibi restaurant Peshawar Hayatabad menu. When you guys talk about the best food items then and we have the best restaurant for you. Everybody loves food so the first priority is the taste of food. Habibi restaurant has the best traditional food under one roof. Peshawar food has its own taste no one can beat them in the food category. Not only the special kind of Peshawar food they have all the traditional items. Like special handi, they have many Handi range for their valuable customers. All the tempting BBQ items are also available here. Select the food that you want to eat from the menu card. The menu is given below check it completely and decide what will be the dish you want to eat.

Habibi Restaurant Peshawar Hayatabad Menu

Make sure to check the complete menu along with the prices. When you see the menu you will realize that they have all the dishes at affordable prices. Now it is all up to you that what you want to eat and what you want to order from here.

Habibi Restaurant Menu Card:

If you want to check Habibi Restaurant Menu Card then have a look at the below picture. What kind of Chinese or traditional cuisine they have that you taste at this restaurant. Try their special one imported dishes with extra loaded spicy items. I hope you will never regret trying their cuisines. For more details, please scroll down.

Habibi Restaurant Menu Card 1

Habibi Restaurant Menu Card 1

Habibi Restaurant Menu Card 2

Habibi Restaurant Menu Card 3Habibi Restaurant Menu Card

Habibi Restaurant Discounted Deals:

If you are still not sure about their specialty then let me know that they are famous for their Handi and additional BBQ platters. You can try any dish from the below menu. Because their famous thing is also mentioned below. Check Habibi Restaurant Peshawar Hayatabad Menu.

Habibi Restaurant Discounted Deals 1 Habibi Restaurant Discounted Deals

Contact Number:

The contact number is here, you can use it to order the food. They have a home delivery option for you. Enjoy the food or also get the information through the contact number.

(091) 5613730


The complete address of this restaurant is here. Have a look at it, and go there for the tasty food.

Sher Khan Road, Army food court Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan-25000


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Here we have mentioned Habibi Restaurant Peshawar Hayatabad Menu. Make your friends happy and enjoy the lovely weather of Peshawar. For complete information of other restaurant’s contact number and the complete address, you have to stay with us.

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