A nice and peaceful place for youngsters and family to enjoy their time with a good view and much better food. So we are talking about Jeego’s Cafe Peshawar. Jeego’s cafe and restaurant present tasty food in the heart of Peshawar. Serving the customers with the best food is what they are good at. Visit this place today but first, you need to see the menu card from here. This place has a vast range of food items for the customers. So you can see the rates from the below side.

Jeego’s Cafe Peshawar

No one does a better Traditional Painda than this place has. And they’re more than happy to give you the best by serving you. Do let them know though, what would pair in well with the Painda. Do you prefer Lassi or would you rather have a cold glass of Pepsi? The choice is all yours. Just visit them and have the desired food.

Jeego’s Café Menu Card:

The long wait is over because now you can have a delivery of their known painda or sobat at your home. When it comes to the menu then this restaurant has some kind of junk food along with the traditional food of Peshawar. Without going anywhere you can taste all kinds of cuisines under a roof. So guys without wasting your time we have uploaded the menu card pictures and the rates on the below side

Jeegos menu price Jeegos menu rates Jeegos menus Jeegos menu

Jeego’s Café Specialty:

Want to know the specialty of this place then they have painda or you can say sobat. They have tasty food that you can enjoy with your family or with your friends. The way of serving food and the style of cooking is also very unique and traditional.

jeegos specialty

Jeego’s Café Deals:

This place has special Desi deals. A fabulous treat for Students & Hostelites. Now you can order the food or the deals. The choice is all yours.

Jeegos menu cardJeegos menu cardJeegos photos


Jeego’s Café Contact Number:

Call on the numbers and order the food from home.

(091) 5819099

Jeego’s Café Address:

The address is here for you guys.

Hayatabad,Phase 2 ,bagh-e-naran Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan-25100

Jeego’s Café Location:

This is the location for those who are new in Peshawar and have no idea about this beautiful place.

Chief Grill Peshawar Menu

For you guys, we have provided all the information. Just see Jeego’s Cafe Peshawar from here. They have all the food according to your taste. Now you can check the other details of restaurants situated in Peshawar. A complete list is provided here.

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