Are you a true fan of Rosh kind of food? If yes then you guys have some idea about Lalchapur Rosh Karkhano Bazar. A food cart that has tasty Rosh cooked in a very big pot many times. Whenever you visit Peshawar there is need to eat such kind of food. Usually, the people of Peshawar love to have food. Their way of making food is so unique. They didn’t use so many spices although the food is healthy and tasty. If you want to see the address and other information then make sure to see the details from here.

Lalchapur Rosh Karkhano Bazar

When you have to eat the tasty food at a reasonable cost you have to visit Karkhano Bazar because they have the tasty Lalchapur Rosh. Visit them and get the tasty food in no time. See the menu card of this place. And then check the rates of this tasty Rosh from here.

Lalchapur Rosh Rates:

The rates of Lalchapur Rosh are shared here. They haven’t much cost but they never compromise on the taste. See the images from here you will have an idea that the Rosh is filled in a plate along with a big piece of potato. Must taste Lalchapur Rosh once in your life.

Lalchapur Rosh Karkhano Bazar

Lalchapur Rosh Images:

The lovely tempting images of Lalchapur Rosh are shared here. You guys can see how beautifully a person can cook this food. The spices aren’t much high so everyone can taste it.

Lalchapur Rosh

Lalchapur Rosh Contact Number:

The number is shared here for your easiness.

Lalchapur Rosh Address:

Here you will find the complete address of Lalchapur Rosh.

Karkhano Phatak Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Karkhano Bazar Location:

For the location, you need to see the link below side.

Sheen Tikka Restaurant 

All of you can see the details of Lalchapur Rosh Karkhano Bazar. The menu rates images and the contact details are available here. So you need to see the details from here. Share your reviews with us in the comment section.

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