All desi food lovers can visit Lyallpur Thali Restaurant and can try their Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Faisalabad Menu. In the time of fast-food, there are still some restaurants that are focusing on introducing traditional foods in Faisalabad. Lyallpuri thali is one of those restaurants. If you want to experience the best thali in your city with your family then you can visit this restaurant. Here you can find some traditional dishes like Dal Makhani, Chicken Achai Handi, etc. You can also have fast food at this restaurant too. Apart from dine-in, you can also ask for home delivery. They are also delivering food in some areas. You can also order their special deals which include two to three main dishes based on the number of persons. For more details about menu prices, you can scroll down.

Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Faisalabad Menu

Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Faisalabad is offering different attractive deals to food lovers. If you are pure desi food lovers then you can visit this restaurant. Asides this, you can also have fast food as well as Russian salad etc. For complete details about Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Menu, just check the below side.

Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu:

You can choose from your Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu. It is recommended to try their famous Thali as they are economical too. So check the prices of its main food and decide whether to order from home or want to do dine-in.

Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 1 Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 2 Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 3 Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 4 Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 5

Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Deals:

They are offering different deals to its customers. If you are looking for a deal for 1 then you can order their special deal for 1 person. They also have deals for 2, 4, and more persons. You can also order their family deals too.

Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Deals Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Deals 1 Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Deals 2 Lyallpuri Thali Faisalabad Menu 6

Contact Number:

You can contact this restaurant for home delivery as well as for pre-booking on the following contact numbers.

0312 9777788


You can visit the following address. But if you are finding trouble then you can simply follow the map.

Shadman colony (75.24 mi)
Faisalabad, Pakistan 38000

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This is all about Lyallpuri Thali Restaurant Faisalabad Menu that you can check from here. If you have visited this restaurant and want to give an honest review then you can also share in the comment section. For other restaurants, you can visit the main page of this website.

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